Call Of Duty: Warzone Bug Is Turning Players Invisible (Again)

Here we go again – the infamous invisibility bug is back, this time impacting trucks instead of helicopters. Raven Software has disabled the Armored Royale game mode until it can patch out the issue.

Warzone has had its fair share of issues since launching last March, but few bugs are as infuriating as this. Players who jumped into the new Armored Royale mode noticed that some enemies were turning invisible, although the issue seems to be isolated to that mode only. Playing any of the pre-existing game modes should result in an invisibility-free environment.

Armored Royale is a unique twist on the popular battle royale formula, giving each squad a reinforced Cargo Truck and a custom mobile buy station to level up their vehicle. Apparently, it’s also giving people the ability to turn invisible – check out the bug in the video below:

Invisibility bugs are nothing new to Warzone players, as the introduction of attack helicopters last year resulted in the same issue. Unfortunately, the choppers had to be removed from the game pending an investigation and are yet to make a return. Now, the same thing is happening with Armored Royale, as Raven Software has completely removed the new game mode until it can figure out the root of the issue and release a patch.

It’s unfortunate to see such a nasty bug wreaking havoc on the game, and it doesn’t seem like the developers have an easy way out. On the surface, this appears to be the same bug that occurred in December with the attack choppers, and Raven Software is still trying to pinpoint the source of the issue. No doubt it’s annoying for the massive playerbase, but it’s probably just as frustrating for the dedicated team of developers.

Beyond invisibility bugs, players have also been experiencing an extreme teleportation glitch. While it’s not as annoying as this Armored Royale issue – there’s nothing worse than getting killed by an invisible player – it’s just another blemish on an otherwise exciting game.

Raven Software is currently investigating the invisibility glitch and will issue an update when it has more info.

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