Call of Duty Warzone DOWN: Servers offline as new Warzone update goes live

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Call of Duty servers are down temporarily for a small group of gamers trying to play Warzone.

It’s unclear what has caused the outage or how long it might last for those who have been caught up in it.

Reports started coming in at 2am BST concerning connectivity issues and players being dumped out of matches.

Many players report being stuck in a searching for game loop that doesn’t end and has to be cancelled manually.

One user posted tonight: “I Can’t join matches. I stay stuck in the searching for a match page.


Call of Duty Warzone: Activision teases latest update

It follows a new Warzone update going live today that makes some notable balance changes.

As confirmed in the official patch notes, Warzone’s versions of the C58 now includes more recoil, while the Krig 6 has seen a reduction in damage.

These changes are launched periodically and the full patch notes can be found below, courtesy of Raven Software: