Call Of Duty: Warzone now has over 15 million players

Activision has confirmed that Call Of Duty: Warzone’s player total has exceeded 15 million players, and that number’s bound to get higher.

CallOf Duty: Warzone, ModernWarfare’s battle royale mode, may have been the subject of multiple leaksthat pretty much nullified any kind of surprise, but that hasn’t dulled itspopularity or general fan excitement in the slightest.

Lastweek, Activision confirmed that it had managed to accrue sixmillion players in its first day, absolutely destroying Apex Legends bycomparison, and the number has only ticked up and up.

Over the weekend, Activision took to Twitter again to reveal that it had managed to cross the 15 million threshold. It look Apex Legends three days to make 10 million, so this record speaks volumes for now popular the Call Of Duty brand is, though it being free-to-play and accessible for those who don’t even own Modern Warfare no doubt helped.

Withplans to continue supporting Warzone with new DLC and the like, this could be avery profitable year for Activision if recent rumours and supposed leaks turnout to be true.

Only a few days ago, a reputable leaker claimed that Activision has three separate Call Of Duty titles in the works, with at least one brand new entry due out this year.

And although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, a Modern Warfare 2 remaster has been rumoured of for so long that it may as well be official.

Call Of Duty: Warzone is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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