Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Blows Up Three Helicopters With One Insane Shot

There are your straightforward Call of Duty matches that end with either a so-so or pretty gnarly KDR, and then there are your matches that will last in your memory forever. Enter one player who managed to take down three helicopters with one missile in the insanely popular Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Reddit user Craggle357 was able to capture this moment on video. The moment can be seen in the clip below.

The clip is actually fairly intense. Craggle357 switches over to their guided missile launcher to take down at least one of three close-by helicopters, then aiming it at the helicopter to lock onto it. Once the moment is right, Craggle357  launches the missile only to have all three helicopters explode at once, granting them a solid amount of XP.

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently very popular among the Call of Duty community and has garnered a large volume of player traffic since its release. The game is so popular, both among the community and Twitch streamers, that Saturday Night Live ran a parody of Twitch streamers playing the game. And you know something is popular once it has been parodied on Saturday Night Live.

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