Call Of Duty Warzone: The 8 Biggest Changes To The Verdansk Map

Call of Duty: Warzone just started its Season 3 of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War with a pretty interesting change. The Verdansk map that players have been traversing for a year saw some pretty massive changes to key locations and points of interest.

Though the weapon meta will get the most headlines, players having to learn a slightly new map will change strategies and engagement opportunities in the early days of the new season. Knowing is half the battle and Verdansk has plenty of new things to learn about its retro 1984 look.

8 Farmland

Farmland is an area on the map that didn’t see major changes, but those familiar with the area will notice a handful of new buildings. It happens to be home to a brand new building layout at the center of it that’s reminiscent of more Middle Eastern architecture.

Farmland is an area that was never a hot drop on Verdansk but these changes allow the area to feel more dynamic considering many of the structures felt very copy and paste. Many of the barns are still in place, with some of the normal houses being removed.

7 Array

Array might sound like a new area, and a glance at it for the first time might also indicate that, but that’s not the case. What the developers did is that they added a satellite array to a small outpost area located in the hills to the northwest of the TV Station.

This is a low-traffic area that rarely sees team fights of more than two squads at any given time. The added structures may not do a whole lot for moment-to-moment gameplay, but it did help in making the area feel a bit more unique and helps it stand out at the very least.

6 Hills

A funny point of irony with the new map focuses on what happened to the Hills location. Verdansk is now set in 1984 which means that many of the places that were built in the old map are now under construction. The Hills, funnily enough, had a construction site already but in the new map, it’s now home to a small farm.

That means that between 1984 and the modern map this farm was destroyed and was set to become a small neighborhood. This is one of the few areas in Season 3 that became worse when it comes to available loot, unfortunately.

5 Airport

The old Verdansk map featured an airport that was in shambles as most of the building and the planes outside were damaged beyond repair. This lets players navigate certain sections in a way that wouldn’t make sense in a normal airport.

With the map going back in time it now sees the airport in an undamaged state that showcases what it once looked like when it was in its best shape. They also added a new airplane to the runway that sits at the back of the airport, providing an alternate source of cover.

4 Factory

For the first year of Call of Duty: Warzone the Superstore location was arguably the hottest drop on the map and was made this way in large part to some of the game’s most popular streamers landing there. Next to the Superstore was a mundane white building that was rather forgettable.

In Season 3 this was changed and is now called Factory and features pipes and other machinery that makes it feel like an industrial area. It may not be as impressive as Summit, but this change does help the Verdansk map feel more fully fleshed out overall.

3 Quarry To Salt Mine

Quarry was never the area teams wanted to land, but was often selected as a last-second choice or was visited due to the circle guiding the lobby towards it. Whenever the map got smaller in Quarry it often resulted in teams dying to the gas due to its weird level structure.

With it now being the Salt Mines there are several shallow bodies of red liquid which make it feel more dynamic. The overall layout also happens to be much more conducive to team fights in the late game which will likely no longer result in what feels like a shallow victory.

2 Stadium

With Verdansk going back in time to 1984 it makes sense that the stadium would devolve from this massive modern structure to a massive construction area. These were the early days of it being built and the changes have been interesting.

The area is much less interesting or loot rich and has turned a once busy point of interest on the map to an area most people avoid. This may feel like a bummer for players who enjoyed stadium, but it’s important for the game to feel fresh and by forcing players to find new drop locations it can do that.

1 Dam To Summit

The biggest and most notable change to Verdansk in Season 3 of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has to be what happened to the dam. The once monolithic structure that overlooked the rest of the map is still impressive, but now it’s a bridge standing in front of a much more interesting area.

More buildings were added to each side of the bridge making it feel much more lucrative for teams looking to land there. The ice lake was also changed into a large building standing on a rather precarious set of land which has it perched on its own.

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