Call of Duty Warzone trailer announced, new game releases tomorrow for free

Call of Duty has been desperately attempting to create it's own Apex Legends moment, by sneakily rolling out a brand new battle royale game mode without anyone noticing.

Only, everyone did notice, months ago, and though the patience has worn thin a little bit for players as of late, it is now, finally here.

Well, in trailer form at least. Activision and Infinity Ward have dropped their announcement trailer and it gives us our best look at the game since that YouTuber inadvertently revealed 11 minutes of footage earlier this morning.

But this is the proper look at the game at it's bombastic best.

As we already know thanks to a multitude of leaks, including the YouTube channel Chaos , this new release is called 'Call of Duty Warzone', a standalone free-to-play battle royale game available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

That last part is also important as the game is cross-platform.

The game is a standalone download, meaning you don't need to own Call of Duty Modern Warfare to enjoy Warzone. But those who do will also gain access to some custom skins and aesthetics (which should look nice, but not impact gameplay)

Speaking of which, the gameplay comes in two forms – one with respawns enabled and another without – as well available to play n solo, duo and trio squads.

Unlike other Battle Royale games, Warzone can take up to 150 players per match.

As for the map, players will have a custom game world – Chaos describes every building being custom-designed – but there's also a clever use of incorporating classic CoD series maps too, such as Broadcast, Overgrown, Scrapyard and Terminal.

And as previously rumoured, players who die will enter the Gulag for a chance to respawn by winning 1v1 Gunfight match.

At the time of writing, a countdown timer has appeared within Call of Duty Modern Warfare replacing the Classified tab in the main menu.

The clock countdown timer is set to reach 0 at 3PM GMT tomorrow, Tuesday March 10. For those elsewhere in the world, that's 8AM PT or 11AM ET.

We suspect then that the mode will go live tomorrow at 3pm GMT whislt also becoming available as a standalone free download from he PlayStation Network, Xbox Store and Steam store at roughly the same time.

There's no word on how big the games file sizes could be, but we'd imagine it will be fairly big for all platforms.

The game is also believed to be a joint collaboration between Infinity Ward, who released Modern Warfare, as well s Raven Software, a long time partner on several Call of Duty releases.

More to follow, this is a breaking story. Trailer is being embedded as we speak.

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