Can you buy a PS5 in time for Christmas in the UK? Latest on Argos & GAME stock

Christmas is almost here but there is still a chance of more stock coming in for the PS5, including at Argos and maybe even GAME and Amazon.

The PlayStation 5 is over a year old at this point and at no stage in its existence have you ever been able to just walk into a shop, or visit a website, and get one.

Instead, they just appear online, often without warning, for 10 minutes or so before they all sell out. Sometimes there’s advance warning of this happening – usually through unofficial sources – and sometimes there’s not, which has made getting hold of one very difficult.

Now that we’re only a few days away from Christmas the chances of being able to get a PlayStation 5 are very limited, but they do exist…

What shops are still selling PS5 in the UK?

It’s impossible to know when the last chance to buy a PlayStation 5 will be before Christmas, but most of the big stores, like Amazon, GAME, and Currys, had deliveries last week and it’s unlikely they’ll get any more this week.

The big hope at the moment is that Argos will get more in at the beginning of this week, although there’s no specific details yet of exactly when. Plus, you’ll probably have to go into a physical store to get them.

We’ll update this article if there’s further news though, from either Argos or any other retailer that gets stock at the last minute but at this point in the year, if you see an opportunity to get a PlayStation 5 you should take it immediately.

Update: EE has the PlayStation 5 in stock today, but the problem is you have to be a subscriber in order to buy it. If you are though just click here.

How to buy a PS5 from eBay UK

The one method that’s always been an option is buying a PlayStation 5 from eBay. They’re always in stock but the problem is that there’s also always a mark-up in the price, of around an extra £200.

Many people also resent the idea of giving money to ‘scalpers’ (people who buy up multiple consoles just to sell for a profit) but if you’re desperate for a PlayStation 5 for Christmas this is one of the few options left.

Just be careful to make sure the console is coming from the UK (if it’s coming from the US it’ll not only take too long to get here but the plugs will be wrong and the guarantee won’t be honoured) and check how long delivery will take.

Some sellers are willing to deliver them personally, if you happen to live nearby, so that not only saves money on postage but guarantees you can get it in time for the big day.

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