Capcom Teases "Future Development" Of Street Fighter In 35th Anniversary Post

With the arrival of Luke at the end of November, Street Fighter V is officially done. No new DLC is planned and players can only look forward to balance updates and bug patches for the foreseeable future. However, Capcom promised that Luke will play a big part in the future of the Street Fighter franchise, and now we're finding out when we'll learn more about what the future will bring.

The official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account posted an image today revealing the Street Fighter 35-anniversary logo, which will coincidentally be celebrated later this year. Capcom will not only celebrate Street Fighter's heritage but also look toward its future too.

"Street Fighter will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022! Together with everyone who supports us, we have created a logo that will make the 35th anniversary exciting," wrote Capcom (with translation courtesy of Google). "Please look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series!"

With no new DLC planned for Street Fighter V, we could be just months away from Street Fighter 6’s announcement. The very first Street Fighter game was released in August of 1987, so we can expect to learn more over the summer.

In less exciting Capcom news, Capcom Cup 2021 has been canceled amidst ongoing concerns over the latest wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement was made last week and marks the second straight year that the Capcom Cup has been canceled. The Capcom Cup event was initially scheduled to be held in February but will now be moved online.

One player won't be participating, however. Robson ‘robinho’ Oliveira initially qualified by winning the Capcom Pro Tour Brazil 2 qualifier, but recent events have since forced Capcom to rescind his invitation and even ban Oliveira from all future Capcom Pro Tours.

Oliveira revealed "atrocious acts" during a recent Twitch stream, which you can read about in our previous coverage. Be warned; Oliveira discussed some truly vile behavior that is certainly triggering for some individuals. Oliveira has since claimed that he made the whole thing up as a joke, but Capcom has so far kept the lifetime ban.

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