Check Out The World’s Smallest N64 Console In Celebration Of Mario Day

To celebrate Mario Day, Guinness World Records has officially revealed the world’s “Smallest Modified Nintendo 64 Console.” Only slightly larger than an N64 cartridge, the system is tiny enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

The miniaturized console was created by Gunnar Turnquist and clocks in at just 3.3″ x 4.64″ x 1.77″ – making it the smallest functioning N64 console in the world. Although Turnquist created the handheld system several months ago, Guinness World Records has finally made the title official.

Trimming all the fat off the bulky console wasn’t easy. Gunnar reportedly ran into issues trimming the motherboard down to a smaller size, and he needed to rewire several of its circuits. After much effort, he managed to get the entire thing working – including a 3.5″ LCD screen that can run for 1.5 hours.

Gunnar has been working with electronics since a young age and said he had plenty of help when learning the craft.

“I started learning electronics when I was 13 years old and when I saw online that people were building their own portable consoles I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I had to try it,” he said. “There have been many friends and teachers in my life that have helped me along the way. High school teachers that became interested in and guiding me through my projects.”

If you’re interested in celebrating Mario Day by picking up some new Mario gear, you’ll be glad to know several big promotions are currently running at various retailers. Nintendo is offering several discounts on its eShop, while you can find the new – and expensive – Lego Super Mario Sets on sale at Best Buy and Amazon.

Mario Day falls on March 10 – Mar10 – and is an annual celebration of all things related to the world’s favorite plumber. If you happen to be British, however, today is nothing more than Iomar Day.

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