COD: Warzone: The Best Drop Zones In Verdansk

Warzone has already stolen the hearts of many with its ever-tactical gameplay and the gorgeous spectacles that accompany them. Verdansk is as sprawling a world map as it is teeming with variety, which is great, given players will be sharing it with 147 others. Thus, deciding where to land is the key to survival.

Below is a handy guide, though it still all depends on the plane’s trajectory and the way of the storm. Green dots represent relatively easy drops; Orange are for more confident and experienced players; Yellow dots are areas best to move in on after already landing and looting up. Let’s dive into areas with the most loot, hot drops, and how best to choose where to land.

Gimme The Loot

Landing in a good spot and finding loot both go hand in hand. Players don’t want to be running around the area they initially dropped in like a chicken with its head cut off. The starter X16 pistol may be a beast, but it won’t keep you safe for too long, especially if you haven’t found any extra armor. For that reason, players need to know which areas stack up against each other in regards to loot, otherwise you’ll be left with a green Scar and a grey shotgun for the remainder of the game.

Some of the most loot-heavy areas of Verdansk:

• Quarry

• Downtown

• Storage Town

• Hospital

• Prison

• Port

• TV Station

• Promenade East

• Train Station

While it might be in your best interest to land in a loot-abundant area, don’t forget where there is the most loot so too will there be an equal amount of enemy players. This brings us to the busiest parts of the map.

Hot Drops

Some players may like their games far more difficult than others. Landing in an extremely populated area with more opponents than loot does make for a challenge, but you may be spending more time in the Gulag than in the actual battle. While it is still entirely dependent upon the plane’s trajectory, having these hot spots in the back of players’ minds will alleviate the tension of choosing initial areas to drop in on.

The most bustling POIs of Verdansk:

• Airport

• Stadium

• Downtown

• Lumber Yard

• Superstore

• Prison

• Dam

• Farmland

Finding precious loot while evading opponents and staving off the gas is of utmost importance in Warzone, yet players will also have to choose the best buildings and POIs for sniping, endgame maneuvering, and ultimate survival. We suggest playing a bunch of Plunder before nosediving into the battle royale, just so players get a good enough feel not only for the map but for where to find the best loot. There’s a heavily detailed Warzone map on Reddit which can also assist newcomers, as well as veterans, but it all comes down to preference and strategy.

Advantageous And Tactical Drops

When it comes to choosing drops in Warzone, players need to not only be cautious about how many other players are landing in the same spot but also where the circle is and will go. It’s often best to land in an area just outside of the circle, that way there might be a smaller chance of opponents going there, in addition to a far more tactical way for you and your team to straddle the gas as it pushes you inside each new zone. A healthy balance of finding loot while also predicting the storm’s own trajectory is a good know-how in conquering Verdansk.

My own personal favorite landing zones include Port, Military Base, Prison, Park, Promenade West, Hospital, and Storage Town. As always, it’s entirely up to the initial direction of the plane, but these few areas have a good amount of loot in well-hidden spots. For instance, Prison has a small opening down below, which leads into the underbelly of the Gulag. There is an abundance of weapons crates, yet players will have to remain wary as Prison is often bustling with enemies. Port has an average-sized building next to the train tracks that has several floors packed with loot. Both Hospital and Promenade West offer an ample amount of structures to loot from, as well as high vantage points to gauge where best to move in relation to the storm.

Again, it all comes down to preference and strategy. Try out different spots and maybe get bold with a hot drop landing. Find the areas that work best for you and your team. No matter where players land, keep that head on a swivel.

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