Come Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate With Us

Since its arrival on the scene in 1999, Super Smash Bros. has always been able to bring friends and communities together… or completely rip them asunder. We’re hoping for the former result as GI hosts you, the community, for an evening of virtual fun as we duke it out in Smash Bros. Ultimate!

How do you play with us? Simple. On Friday, February 28, we’ll send out the arena ID over our social channels and on this page for you to find our lobby. The lobby will open up an hour before the stream for community members to come play with us live at 3 p.m. CT. If you don’t get in on your first try, don’t fret, as we’ll be cycling out players every few matches to try and ensure that everyone gets a shot to play on stream. So until you get your time to shine, kick back and join us in the chat.

We’re thrilled to be playing with as much of the community as we can, but we do ask that if you’re going to play with us, please be respectful to us and your fellow community members.

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