Control: Every Service Weapon Form And How To Get It

Unlike most games, Control has only one weapon you can use throughout the whole game. Don’t freak out, as the Service Weapon is an exceptional gun that can switch between different forms and work like a totally different weapon, catering to whatever needs Jesse has. Want a super precise shot? Use the Pierce form. Maybe you have a group of enemies in front of you and what you need is a shotgun, don’t worry, the service weapon can do that too.

There’s no such thing as the perfect Service Weapon form. All of them are useful in one way or another. Maybe some of the forms will fit your playstyle better, while others you won’t use as much.


Cost: 10,000 Source Energy for level 2 and 25,000 Source Energy for level 3.

Grip will be the first form of the Service weapon you’ll have access to; it works just like your standard semi-automatic pistol with nice accuracy (even when shooting from a longer range) and single-shot damage. Grip is the default form of the service weapon and works for the majority of enemies.

You’ll get this form just by playing the game, so there’s nothing extra you’ll have to do to obtain grip. However, further updating this weapon does require you to complete other missions.

Grip level 2: Unlocked after completing the third mission in the game, “Directorial Override.” This upgrade unlocks a second Mod slot and increases the weapon damage.

Grip level 3: Unlocked after you complete the seventh main story mission, “The Face of the Enemy.” Just like the last update, Grip level 3 unlocks another Mod slot and increases the weapon damage even more.


Cost: 5000 Source Energy for the base form, 25,000 Source Energy for level 2, and 20,000 Source Energy for level 3.

For those who like using a shotgun, Shatter is the form for you. This one has a wider blast radius, si it works better when attacking a group of enemies at a closer range. One cool feature about his form is that it can shatter enemy shields, meaning you don’t have to use Jesse’s telekinetic launch ability.

You’ll unlock the Shatter form after completing the main mission, “Unknown Caller.” To unlock this form’s second level, you’ll need to complete the mission “My Brother’s Keeper.” While completing the mission, “Take Control” will unlock Shatter’s third level. Both upgrades give the form another mod slot and increase the damage Shatter deals.


Cost: 15,000 Source Energy for the base form, 20,000 Source Energy for level 2, and 25,000 Source Energy for level 3.

This form has a large magazine that allows the service weapon to shoot at a high fire rate, working very similar to a fully-automatic weapon. And while the rapid-fire is awesome, Spin has lower accuracy and deals less damage per shot, so it’s best to use this form at close range.

You’ll unlock Spin after completing the mission “Directorial Override.” To unlock Spin level 2, you’ll have to first defeat Salvador during “My Brother’s Keeper.” Finally, level 3 unlocks after the last mission in the game, “Take Control.” Like the other weapons, upgrading Spin unlocks more mod slots and increases the damage the weapon causes.


Cost: 24,000 Source Energy.

Pierce allows Jesse to deal one powerful shot. This form is so powerful that it can destroy some of the Oldest House architecture, imagine what it can do to enemies with armor. The downside? It has a longer cooldown, so you better use your shots wisely. You’ll unlock this form after completing the mission “Old Boy’s Club.”


Cost: 25,000 Source Energy at a base level and 30,000 Source Energy for level 2.

Charge works similarly to a rocket launcher, shooting three projectiles at once. This weapon is better used for dealing damage to a large area, and when combined with Jesse’s levitating ability, you can do significant damage in advance. However, it takes some time to charge up, and the amount of damage you hit per shot is not that great, as you’ll need multiple shots to neutralize most enemies.

First, you’ll need to defeat Sebastian during the mission “My Brother’s Keeper” to unlock this service weapon form.


Cost: 15,000 Source Energy for the base level, 20,000 Source Energy for level two, and 25,000 Source Energy for level three.

This form is DLC exclusive and unlocks when you download the AWE DLC. Surge is a fantastic form to have because it fires up to three sticky grenades that explode when Jesse manually triggers them or when the timer expires.

Weapon Mods

Each Service Weapon form can be further upgraded with weapon mods to customize the service weapon to your preferred playstyle. There are different types of mods; some of them you’ll be able to use with all the forms, while others are specific to some service weapon forms.

Mods that work for all forms:

  • Accuracy Boost: increases the weapon’s accuracy.
  • Consecutive Kills Boost: after you kill an enemy, the weapon’s damage increases.
  • Damage Boost: increases the damage the weapon can deal.
  • Energy Renewal: increases the energy received from headshots.
  • Headshot Boost: increases the damage the weapon does when performing headshots.
  • Levitation Ammo Efficiency: when Jesse levitates, she uses less ammo.
  • Low Health Boost: when Jesse’s health is low, she’ll deal more damage.
  • Rate of Fire Boost: increases the fire rate.
  • Reload Efficiency: increases reload speed.
  • Weapon Armor Damage: enemy armor receives more damage.

Mods that are specific to the Charge form:

  • Charge Blast Bloost: increases the radius of the blast.
  • Charge Velocity: increases the projectile’s speed.

Mods that are specific to the Pierce form:

  • Pierce Zoom Boost: increases the zoom that the Perce form has.
  • Pierce Aimed Fire Boost: when aiming, Jesse deals more damage.

Mods that are specific to the Shatter form:

  • Shatter Projectile Chock: decreases the projectile’s spread.
  • Shatter Projectile Boost: increases the damage of the projectiles you fire.
  • Shatter Recoil Efficiency: decreases the weapon’s recoil.

Mod that is specific to the Spin form:

  • Spin Rate of Fire Boost: increases the weapon’s fire rate.

Mod that is specific to the Grip form:

  • Ammo Efficiency: decreases the amount of ammo you use per shot.

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