Coronavirus: Gaming retailer tells staff ‘to wrap hands in a plastic bag’ at work

A top retail chain that is still operating amid the coronavirus pandemic has allegedly told staff to wear a plastic bag when serving customers. The coronavirus pandemic has caused countries around the world to enforce lockdowns, meaning all non-essential services have to shut up shop. But one retailer has reportedly found a curious way to still serve customers.

Earlier this month US retailer GameStop sparked controversy when they issued a memo instructing stores to still stay open during the coronavirus outbreak.

The memo said if authorities tried to shut down stores due to state orders’ then managers should respond that it offered an “essential retail” service.

However, after this news leaked GameStop announced they were closing its retail stores in the US – but were still taking online orders.

GameStop said they would offer curbside pick-up at their branches as well as delivery options.


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And now it has been reported that some GameStop employees handling curbside orders are being given unusual advice.

As revealed in a post by The Boston Globe, GameStop workers are being advised to wrap their hands in a plastic bag when dealing with curbside orders.

This advice has allegedly been given to staff to let people pay at the door, according to a manager at a GameStop store.

Staff have reportedly been advised to wrap a plastic bag around one hand to protect themselves from exposure to the coronavirus.

They then need to open the door a crack, take the customer’s card and then run the card through a machine with their hands still in the bag.

Afterwards, staff allegedly have to flip the bag inside out, leaving the card inside, and then put the purchase in the bag and hand it back.

GameStop customers can alternatively pay for products online which can be collected.


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The advice is believed to have been given to GameStop employees in Massachusetts on Monday.

A store manager, speaking to The Boston Globe anonymously, said: “I have to make a choice between doing a job that nobody needs during a pandemic and not being paid, and possibly infecting people or being infected.

“We know for a fact the disease is contagious even when you’re asymptomatic.”

Employees at several stores in Massachusetts also told The Boston Globe that customers could come to the store and pay with credit cards.

Responding to the claims, GameStop said: “With employee and customer safety as our paramount concern, all our stores remain closed to customer access, including those in Massachusetts.

“We are processing orders on a digital basis through our new curbside [email protected] shipping service.

“Only employees may enter our stores at this time. 

Importantly, all GameStop employees have been assured that they do not have to work if they are not comfortable, or need to stay home to care for a family member.

“While GameStop is best known as a provider of gaming and home entertainment systems, we also offer a wide array of products and devices that are important to facilitate remote work, distance learning, and virtual connectivity.”

The news comes as amid the coronavirus pandemic GameStop has reported increased demand.

In an earnings call GameStop CEO George Sherman said the retailer had “seen an increase in store and online traffic over the past few weeks”.

In other news the US has become the first country in the world to exceed over 100,000 cases of the coronavirus.

On Friday cases of the coronavirus in America rose by 15,000 with hospitals warning of a shortage of supplies and staff.

This came on the same day Donald Trump signed the largest economic stimulus package in America history, worth over two trillion dollars.

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