Cosmophobia Is A New VR Horror Game From The Creator Of Dreadhalls

White Door Games, the developer behind one of the original (and still scariest) VR horror games, Dreadhalls, is back. Its new title is called Cosmophobia and it looks equally as terrifying.

Like Dreadhalls, Cosmophobia is a first-person, rougelike horror game. Unlike its predecessor, though, this new game has a sci-fi, Alien-like vibe. Players explore the halls of what looks like a deserted spaceship, clearly being stalked by something unpleasant. They’re on the hunt to gather resources and get their ship home but, well, that seems to be easier said than done. Take a look at the first trailer below.

This looks like a creepy mix of objective-based exploration and combat. Players seem to be armed with what looks like a futuristic crossbow among other gadgets. But what’s also great about this trailer is what it doesn’t show. Specifically, we only get a tiny glimpse of some sort of monster towards the very end of the footage, and yet the video remains incredibly spooky throughout.

This being a rougelike, the game will switch up the environment on new playthroughs. Ammo will be hard to come by, though, so don’t go shooting it all at once.

Cosmophobia is headed to PC VR headsets for an undisclosed date. The game’s available to wishlist on Steam now. When asked, the developer told us that ports to the Oculus Quest and PSVR headsets weren’t impossible, but it’s sticking to Rift and SteamVR for now.

Excited about Cosmophobia? Or, like me, are you too much of wimp to probably ever play it? Come cry with me in the comments below, if so.

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