Creator Uses Dreams to Remake The Simpsons: Hit & Run

A creative gamer has used Dreams to remake the opening of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, and we’re hoping they won’t stop there.

Remakes and remasters are very much the order of the day right now. Crash and Spyro have made a major splash in that market, and Final Fantasy VII will join that group very soon. However, no matter how many games are dragged into the present, there will always be people asking “what’s next?” and “why not my favorite game?”

Some of those requests make sense. For example, reintroducing The Simpsons games that fans loved during the early 2000s. The major sticking point in that regard is who owns the rights to those games, and who would be responsible for potential remakes. Given one choice, and one choice only, most people who played those games would probably opt for Hit & Run to be the game that gets the remaster treatment.

With no official remake on the horizon for the iconic game, one of its fans has taken matters into their own hands. ReivaJKH has used PS4’s Dreams to recreate the opening of Hit & Run and even added the main characters and made them playable. You can check out their very impressive work below but be warned, you may feel very nostalgic after doing so.

Hit & Run might well have been the most popular of The Simpsons games released around the turn of the century. Most of the TV show’s video game titles were inspired by other popular games at the time. The Simpsons Wrestling was its take on WWE’s video games, Road Rage was based on Crazy Taxi, and Hit & Run had all the elements of Grand Theft Auto except it was taking place in Springfield.

There’s definitely a market for a Hit & Run remake, but it doesn’t seem as if we’re going to be getting one any time soon. For now, the short and sweet Dreams remake will have to do. There’s no word yet, but we’re hoping ReivaJKH is planning on making more of the game because if so, we can’t imagine there will be a shortage of people waiting to give it a whirl.

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