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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion has a shocking amount of things to see and do in its relatively linear experience, with some of its Missions and side activities becoming unavailable after reaching certain portions of the game. While they are optional things in the game, they are worth seeking out as you get excellent rewards and story beats by doing most of them.

When it comes to missable activities, there's quite a lot in Crisis Core, making it easy to overlook or accidentally disregard crucial Missions you may otherwise think would be there for you to complete in the endgame. Furthermore, there's no Chapter Select post-game like there is in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, forcing you to play through the entirety of the game again if you miss out.


There is a great deal of Missions from Chapter 1 through Chapter 7, some of which will become unavailable to you at the end of Chapter 7 when you leave Midgar and head to Nibelheim. Not only are these Missions crucial to complete for Trophy or Achievement progress, but some offer unique rewards that should not be missed before you access the latter half of the game. You can find the complete list of missable Missions, how to access them, and what they offer in the table below!

All Missable Missions


How To Start


Peacekeeping Troops


Head to Loveless Avenue during Chapter 2 and speak to the Shinra Security Captain.

  • Shinra Alpha
  • Silence
  • Four Slots
  • Force Bracelet
  • Ice Armlet
  • Fat Chocobo Feather

Monsters in Midgar


Speak with the located up the stairs in Sector 8 during Chapter 3.

  • Poison
  • Fire Armlet
  • Phoenix Down
  • Fire Ring
  • SPR UP
  • Ice Ring

Monster Reports


Becomes available at the start of Chapter 5 but becomes unavailable during Chapter 8.

  • Assault Twister
  • Venom Shock
  • AP UP+
  • Elemental Ward
  • SPR UP+
  • Quake

The Crescent Unit


Find all the Wutai Spies during Chapter 5.

  • Poison Twister
  • System Shock
  • Power Wrist
  • Diamond Bracelet
  • Death
  • Mountain Chocobo Armlet

Midgar City Development Department


Head to the lobby of the Shinra Building in Chapter 5 and speak to the City Planning Director.

  • x2 Fat Chocobo Feather
  • Sector 8 Materia Shop
  • x2 Hero Drink
  • x2 Lunar Harp
  • Sector 5 Materia Shop
  • x20 Elixir
  • Doc's Code
  • x2 Lunar Harp
  • Sector 6 Accessory Shop

Please note these are just the missable Missions and that there are still some missable Shops, Mini-Games, Items, and more, which we will cover more below!


Aside from the Shops listed above, you can miss two other shops that sell excellent Materia, making them great for things like Materia Fusion or giving yourself the edge in battle. You can find the complete list of missable Shops in the table below. Additionally, if you want to find out how to unlock every Shop in Crisis Core, follow this link!

All Missable Shops


How To Unlock

The Happy Turtle

Clear Mission M4-3-6

Stop the Assailants

Sector 8 Materia Shop

Clear Mission M6-2-1

Slum Development Plan 1

Sector 5 Materia Shop

Clear Mission M6-2-3

Mako Excavation Site

Sector 6 Accessory Shop

Clear Mission M6-2-6

Underground City

Research Department QMC+

Found inside a Chest in Gongaga Village during Chapter 9.


With so many Missions and Shops being missable in Crisis Core, there will surely be tons of Items you can miss, right? While that's the obvious conclusion one may jump to, that couldn't be further from the truth. There are only two items you can completely miss, which we will lay out in the table below!

All Missable Items


How To Get

Phoenix Materia

Complete the first of Seven Wonders of Nibelheim during Chapter 8.

Genji Armor

Fill out 100 percent of the DMW wheel.

Please note that this excludes the free Items you can gather daily in the Shinra Building. While you can miss those items, they are not unique and can be earned via other methods.


Unlike the Items, there are a ton of Mini-Games you can miss out on, ultimately tanking Aerith's Affection Points towards Zack. While she will still love him, you will miss out on heartwarming cutscenes that go a long way for the story and their bond. We will list all missable Mini-Games in the table below, but you can find out more about them in-depth by following this link!

All Missable Mini-Games


How To Start

Perfume Blending

Visit the Shopping Paradise stand in the Sector 5 Slums Market.

Materia Pickup

Speak to the man in the center of the Sector 5 Slums Market.

Number Guessing

Talk to the boy located northwest area of Sector 5 Slums Market.

Find the Wutai Spies!

Speak to the Shinra Guard on Loveless Avenue during Chapter 5.


Visit the Training Room of Shinra HQ during Chapter 5.

Flower Wagon

Obtain various resources and speak to Aerith before leaving.

Seven Wonders of Nibelheim

Speak to the boy to the right of the entrance of Nibelheim.

A Cascade of Treasure

Defeat seven enemies in Gongaga Hills and go to the waterfall.

The Zack Fair Fan Club

Sure, Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis have rabid fanbases, but what about Zack Fair? Well, if you progress past a certain point in Crisis Core, you will never know the answer to that question. Luckily for you, you're reading this and may have hope of joining your own Fan Club!

To do this, you will have to play up to the point where you must defend the Junon Perimeter from 30 enemies encroaching on an area hosting several civilians. If you successfully defeat all 30 enemies without having one attack the makeshift camp, Cissnei will tell Zack that he has lots of fans. Then, during Chapter 7, when you return to the Shinra Building after your brief departure, you can speak to the receptionist in the lobby to join the Zack Fair Fan Club!

Please follow this link for more information on Fan Clubs, how to join them, and everything else involved with them.

Minerva Boss Fight

While not missable per se, you may never think the game's hardest boss encounter sits at the end of Yuffie's series of Missions, which get progressively harder each iteration. Nonetheless, you will have to complete the entire suite of Yuffie Missions until you reach the "Great Cavern of Mysteries" Mission, which will take lots of time, effort, patience, a little bit of luck, and the nerves of steel.

Though not missable in the traditional senseyou can complete Yuffie's Missions anytime you like – you will seemingly have to hard focus these Missions and keep coming back to them the more you level up, as they spike in difficulty the further down the rabbit hole you go. You will reach the end of the game well before you're close to the Minerva boss encounter, meaning you will more than likely roll credits and begin a new game before even thinking about touching the rest of her Missions.

If you want more information on Minerva, how to beat her, and a more explicit dive into accessing the encounter, please follow this link!

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