Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Every Limit Break, Ranked

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion has many powerful aspects to its combat system, allowing Zack Fair to unleash devastating actions on his opponents. That is, of course, if the DMW roulette wheel rolls in your favor. Still, despite being left up to complete chance, Zack has access to excellent Limit Breaks that can turn the tide of battle in his favor.

While there are other aspects to the DMW system, like Chocobo Mode and Summon Mode, we are only focusing on the Limit Breaks here. The long and short of it is we are referring to the actions that have Zack perform a devastating attack without the need of bringing in help from, say, Cait Sith, a Cactuar, or Odin. Only the friends he has met along his journey.

8/8 Chain Slash – Silhouetted Portraits

Chain Slash is an early-game Limit Break that activates when rolling three Silhouettes of the same character you have not yet met in your journey and has Zack deliver several slashes onto a single target, dealing okay-ish damage. Overall, it's a fine Limit Break, but there are much better ones in the game, and you would almost always rather get almost anything else from the roulette wheel than this.

Furthermore, after you reach Chapter 6, this Limit Break will be unavailable as you will have met all the main characters of the game, driving home the point of how completely replaceable and forgettable Chain Slash is. It can serve its purpose in the very early goings, but even a handful of hours into Zack's adventure will make you never want to see it pop from the DMW ever again.

7/8 Air Strike – Tseng

Next up, we have Tseng's Air Strike, having Zack call upon him to deliver Air Support from the Turk's helicopter, starting with several shots from their mounted chaingun turrets before switching to the more deadly and destructive missiles. This Limit Break targets all enemies in battle, making it much more useful than Chain Slash, and it deals significant damage to boot.

Air Strike is a fun, high-damaging, physical attack-based Limit Break that you get relatively early in the game and comes in handy well into the later portions of the game as well. Is it the best in the game? Nope. But that's okay. It's solid enough to get the job done, and that's more than enough to have it stand out more than Chain Slash.

6/8 Octaslash – Sephiroth

With Sephiroth being one of the best villains of all time and one of the strongest characters in the Final Fantasy universe, we expected a bit more from his Limit Break. That's not to say that it's particularly bad by any means. It just lacks the all-powerful, totally badass vibes of his character. Fortunately, it deals a lot of damage and will surely take large chunks of health away from whoever you're facing or may even defeat them on the spot.

The unfortunate news, and the thing that holds it back from being truly remarkable, is that it is a single-target Limit Break, making it pale in comparison to many of the others in the game and most situations of the game. While it will undoubtedly eliminate standard enemies, not being able to clear large groups of enemies with it places it toward the bottom end of the list.

5/8 Rush Assault – Angeal

Angeal, Zack's mentor and best friend, is obviously going to have a significant impact on Zack's Limit Break, and Rush Assault delivers in spades. This Limit Break has Zack launch into two sets of seven strikes before finishing off with one last, super-charged attack that will surely finish the job on weakened opponents.

What makes Rush Assault so devastating is how Zack distributes the first fourteen strikes of the attack between the enemies on the battlefield and doesn't focus all attacks on a single target, allowing him to deal mass physical damage to everything in sight. Furthermore, the final blow from Rush Assault will Stun his opponent and may even offer Zack the Endure Buff, allowing him to avoid getting interrupted by incoming enemy attacks.

4/8 Lucky Stars – Cissnei

On the surface, especially when compared to the others, Cissnei's Lucky Stars Limit Break may seem a bit weak or gimmicky. However, it's one of the best offerings in the game and will help you tremendously no matter where you are in the game. Lucky Stars will grant Zack the Critical Status Effect, making all attacks Critical Attacks for an extended period of time.

Not only does this dramatically increase your damage output, but your DMW Emotion Gauge also has the chance of getting cranked to eleven, giving you much better odds of landing another Limit Break or even a Summon. Despite all other entries thus far dealing lots of damage in one large burst, Lucky Stars puts the onus on you to carry out the damage, which could net you unmatchable damage with the right build.

3/8 Meteor Shots – Cloud

After Zack finally meets Cloud in Chapter 6, Cloud's portrait finally gets filled in, allowing Zack to perform the Meteor Shot Limit Break, having him leap high into the air before charging his sword and unleashing a barrage of meteors onto the ground below. Not only is this Limit Break's animation outstanding, but it deals an immense amount of magic damage to all enemies on the field, making it easily one of the best in the game.

There are only a few Limit Breaks in Crisis Core that deal magical damage, and Meteor Shot is one of them and a dang good one at that. This attack has everything, the ability to hit multiple targets, severe damage, a flashy animation, and Cloud Strife. What's not the like about it? While you may not be able to call upon this action consistently, you will be thrilled and relieved to see it pop on the DMW wheel every single time.

2/8 Healing Wave – Aerith

Similarly to Cissnei's Lucky Stars Limit Break, Aerith's Healing Wave may come across as boring or not as strong as the others at the surface level, but once you dissect what it does and what it's capable of, your tune will change drastically. Healing Wave is quite possibly the best passive action you can obtain from the DMW wheel, even when factoring in the Chocobo Mode and Summon Mode, both of which offer steep competition.

Healing Wave will break the limit of Zack's HP, MP, and AP, along with refilling all of them, giving him much more than he probably needs for the encounter. If that wasn't enough, Zack will also be temporarily invincible for a short duration, enabling him to go wild and unleash everything he's got with no repercussions whatsoever. Zack and Aerith are perfect together, and this proves that.

1/8 Apocalypse – Genesis

Last and certainly not least, we have Genesis' Apocalypse Limit Break, which is technically part of its own DMW Mode, but seeing as it's the only thing in that mode and aligns with everything else in this list, we decided to toss in here. Apocalypse is similar to Cloud's Meteor Shots in many ways. It's a devastating magic-focused Limit Break that hits all targets on the field but does it much better in many ways.

Apocalypse's animation and cutscene are phenomenal, and it deals the most damage out of anything on this list, making it the best Limit Break by a long shot. If you're lucky enough to land on this during a boss encounter or a challenging multi-enemy scramble, you will instantly be relieved as you know you now have the upper hand. It's that strong and will almost always turn the tide in your favor or provide the most unnecessary overkill you can imagine.

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