Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind Walkthrough And Branches Explained

Delamain is the sentient AI network that controls the taxi cabs that serve the populace of Night City, and during the sidequest chain Epistrophy, which we have a full guide for here, you will return to him all of his various corrupt AI cores, and that may have pushed him over the edge. It happens to a lot of people in Cyberpunk 2077.

Following completion of all the Epistrophy missions at some point you will either be prompted to call Delamain, or he will call you. When this happens you’ll find Delamain corrupted and begging for help, thus you head to the Delamain headquarters in Night City. But beware: Delamain’s divergent AI cores fill his warehouse, and they will not make things easy for you. Just follow our full guide below for everything you need to know to clear through this sidequest.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, make sure to clear every Epistrophy quest with this guide.

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How To Infiltrate Delamain’s HQ In Cyberpunk 2077

The main doors to Delamain’s HQ are malfunctioning, surely down to Delamain’s AI going haywire, and so you will have to find an alternate route inside. There are two good routes for you to take, but one of them will require you to have levelled up your Tech attribute.

The first entrance is to the North side of the building, right of the main doors, and you just need your Tech skill levelled up to open up the door inside. If you don’t have the necessary Tech requirements, then continue to walk around the building, and just around the corner, you’ll see a pile of barrels and pallets. You can climb on these and then climb on the roof of the building, getting access through a hatch, landing you inside. Regardless of which entrance you take, you’ll land in the same place.

Navigating Delamain’s HQ During Epistrophy In Cyberpunk 2077

Once inside the building head into the nearby office room and use the computers here to get the gate unlocked. If you’re locked out of the computer you can find a code for it from the other nearby computer – the code is 1234. Delamain might be a computer, but he doesn’t seem to be the smartest.

The next small room has two cars in it, and one of them is on a broken lift which is continually raising and lowering. Use this as an elevator to get up, and jump across to the platform. From here you’ll be able to climb out of a vent in the next room, well above the warehouse floor, which is electrified. Though there are drones everywhere, and you’ll probably want to save often, which can’t be done during combat, so make sure to shoot them all down.

Follow the walkway until you come to a car storage area, and then crouch down to sneak into the adjacent room, which will have a hatch on the floor. You can jump inside the hatch to go underneath the electrified floor, just watch for a drone down here too. Get to the other side of the room and pop out – don’t worry about the lasers which are repairing cars, they will not harm you.

On the other side of the room, you’ll be able to find a ladder that will take you up and above the walkway below once again. You can get through the next door easily with a high Body attribute, but if you lack that, follow the walkway to the right and continue forward until you reach the main warehouse room.

This room is filled with Delamain’s rogue AI, all driving around recklessly – they will not be happy that you forced them all to return only to have their lives not improve at all, and they will attack you if given the chance. In addition to that, there are yet more rogue drones flying around. You should huge the walls to make it out instead of going through the centre of them, and there’s a staircase leading up away from the cars in the opposite corner of the room that you entered. Finally, you can get into the Delamain control room.

All Endings For Delamain During Epistrophy In Cyberpunk 2077

Now that you’re in the control room you can finally help Delamain, in any way you can, that is. There are multiple ways that V can handle this situation, and all of them have their own caveats, and all of them will reward you with a fresh Delamain taxi cab for you to drive yourself around Night City in, which is a nice bonus.

Essentially, the divergent AI do not wish to die or be reset, they wish to live independent of Delamain, or as equals at least. Delamain would rather things be how they always are, with him in complete control, and wants you to reset him to his “original” state. Johnny, meanwhile, has his own input and thinks the whole thing is a bit inhumane, especially for these suffering rogue AI. And so, you have three choices.

Merge Delamain

To achieve this ending you will need to have at least 10 points in Intelligence, which is worthwhile, as this is the most interesting ending of the quest. V will merge all of the Delamain AI into a single being, with multi-faceted thoughts and feelings, the kind of evolution Delamain likes to research so much.

Reset Delamain

If you go the traditional route you will reset Delamain – this doesn’t seem too aggressive, and is seemingly one of few options left if you don’t have the Intelligence stat necessary for the Merge ending. This will reset Delamain to his original state – but this is more like a factory reset than a recent back-up, he will, for the most part, completely forget who you are and what has happened, but will be aware that he asked you to assist him, and will be grateful.

Destroy Delamain

Just stand away from Delamain’s core and shoot it. This will, for all intents and purposes, free the divergent AI from suffering. Yes, this option feels a bit drastic, but it makes sense. In a philosophical way. I think.

No matter what you choose you’ll be rewarded with Delamain’s taxi cab as a vehicle, and the AI voice that accompanies that vehicle will be related to the ending you chose in this quest.

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