Cyberpunk 2077: Learn About The Arasaka Corporation While You Wait For December

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed until December 10, meaning that the highly-anticipated RPG from CD Projekt Red will now launch three weeks after its intended release date. As a means of biding your time until then, let’s take a look at the history of the game’s notorious Arasaka Company.

Right off the bat, you’d be correct to compare Arasaka to the corrupt industries run by megalomaniacs that often act as the Big Bad in movies. Arasaka is one of the primary dark presences in Cyberpunk 2077, and the kingpin that orchestrates dodgy dealings all over Night City. In short, the Arasaka Corporation was at one point spread worldwide, specializing in security, banking and manufacturing. While it was the biggest distributor of Japanese merchandise to the Western market, it also had its hands in the weapons market, and still does. It’s the driving force behind the military, and is known to be connected to the Yakuza. It’s one of the most powerful and corrupt organizations around, and has had its sights set on world domination from the very beginning.

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Founded by Sasai Arasaka in Tokyo, 1915, the corporation was originally focused on supplying the Imperial Army during World War II. Sasai apparently predicted Japan’s defeat, and pushed to expand his wealth and power outside of Japan. After Arasaka’s death in 1960, his son Saburo took over and aimed to fuel Arasaka with more than financial and commercial assets. He saw Japan as the world’s hub for military and economic resources, and worked towards dominating political control in Japan as well as managing the country’s underworld. Saburo also established the Arasaka Security division of the corporation, designed to infiltrate the country’s secrets with ease.

Rising from strength to strength, the Arasaka Corporation owned Japan’s government and banks between 1997 and 2020. With Saburo confined to a wheelchair at 101 years old, his son Kei stepped in as CEO. Kei was groomed by Saburo to drive the corporation towards its full potential and led a strong reign up until Arasaka’s Fourth Corporate war with rivals IHAG in 2022. The war ended with Kei’s death and the fall of Arasaka Tower in Night City, and for the next 50 years Arasaka suffered major losses. The corporation moved forward by only operating in Japan, fracturing into three organizations: Kiji, Hato, and Taka. Arasaka slowly regained power by supporting the livelihood of Night City and its governments.

In 2077, the Arasaka Corporation has remained a family-run firm based in Japan, with eyes and ears in the country’s security, banking and legal services. Its arms and military dealings make the corporation suspect number one in the eyes of the police. The firm’s current leader is said to be Yorinobu Arasaka, who has slowly established the Arasaka Corporation as the owner of Night City.

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