Cyberpunk 2077 Still Hasn’t Got The Hang Of Peeing Animations

Cyberpunk 2077 contains a weird amount of piss. But even behind the game's numerous locked doors, it appears that there are no public toilets in Night City. Well, that's not strictly true. Because as some players are finding out, the entirety of the city itself is one big public toilet. According to some NPCs, anyway.

Even after the huge version 1.5 update, NPCs across Cyberpunk are still struggling to appropriately have a wee. Residents of Night City are simply whipping it out wherever they stand, with no concept of decency. And even if they do their business out of sight – some aren't actually stopping the pee when they return to their friends, simply letting the stream clip through their trousers.

Players on the Cyberpunk subreddit have spotted NPCs in the wild still pissing strangely after the update. The issues seem to be widespread, indicating that the patch failed to address the epidemic of toilet trouble across Night City.

Much like the dudes who sit in one spot playing some crummy guitar, the pissers of Cyberpunk will not be deterred by their uninterested audience. Far from it – it only seems to encourage them further.

Others seem to wee in an act of protest. Here, we see an NPC break the seal right over V's car. That'll show 'em.

Then there's this lady, who doesn't even feel the need to stand up. Or do anything to stop the wee getting all over her clothes. Nice one. In fairness, this is a world where absolutely no one is phased by V running around completely nude, so I guess going wherever you want to is pretty tame in comparison.

At the very least, the recent update did make the NPCs a bit more lifelike in other departments. There is a wider range of animations, so you're more likely to come across protests or even tour guides as you run around the city. It's not all toilet related. At this point though, it looks like the cats still have the overall better AI than their human counterparts.

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