D&D: 5 Best Magic Items From Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount

It’s a good time to be a Critter, as officially-endorsed Critical Role products are all over the place. The latest of these is a Wizards of the Coast-printed Dungeons & Dragons book called the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. The book acts as a guide to Dungeon Masters wanting to design adventures in the world of Critical Role‘s second season. With that comes a list of new magic items that are unique to Wildemount. Here are five of the more fun and effective magic items in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount.

The Battering Shield is a big tower shield that acts as a +1 shield. The wielder can also use it to push foes. What makes the Battering Shield special is that pushing foes in such a manner and expending a charge can move them an extra 10 feet away or knock them prone.

More unique shields are welcome in D&D 5E in general, which already earns the Battering Shield a spot on the list. But the extra pushing effect elevates it by giving the party tank more options in a fight. Being able to knock a foe prone is very useful in earlier levels of play. Clever players will also be able to make use of the 10 feet of extra pushing to force foes into damaging AoE spells cast by allies. Overall, this shield will be a great drop for players who like creative combat.

4 Butcher’s Bib

Some players like to build a fighter with the Champion subclass in order to the get Improved Critical feature. The Butcher’s Bib gives everyone this feature with a nice bit of flavoring for evil-alignment characters. It also comes with damage dice reroll abilities for melee weapon attacks.

There is one caveat with the Butcher’s Bib, however, and that’s that it is always covered in blood. While that might turn off some players, others might see this as the exact accessory their character needs. Rogues in particular might very well flock to this edgy accessory to get the most out of their one attack per turn. And who doesn’t love a higher chance of scoring crits?

3 Staff Of The Ivory Claw

We got something for tanks and martial fighters, so let’s look at something made for casters. Wand of the War Mage is pretty popular for many spellcasters as it’s essentially their +1 weapon. The Staff of the Ivory Claw has the same effect of giving a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls. But it comes with a pretty neat bonus effect as well.

When you get a critical hit with a spell attack and you’re holding the Staff of the Ivory Claw, you get to roll an extra 3d6 radiant damage. That’s a ton of damage for the level 3-7 range this staff is intended for. An ivory staff with a dragon claw on top is also pretty cool from a flavor perspective. That said, you can’t always depend on getting a critical hit. So you will want to try and upgrade to a +2 wand or some other magic item that better suits your mid-to-late game build.

2 Ring Of Temporal Salvation

Moving away from damage-dealing items, here is one with amazing life-saving capabilities. This ring is full of time magic (something Wildemount has in spades) and will rewind your death. The way this works is that a character who dies is instantly revived with 3d6 + Constitution modifier hit points. It’ll even bump you up past your maximum if you roll higher than that.

This is another item that’s more useful at earlier levels. 3d6 of health isn’t going to mean much past level 4. The Ring of Temporal Salvation’s value also somewhat depends on your DM. A revival item will be invaluable in a combat-heavy campaign run by someone who loves challenge. In a roleplay-focused game, which many Critical Role might run, you may find yourself dying less. When brought into the right campaign, though, this item will literally save your life.

1 Luxon Beacon

The Wildemount setting plays with the idea of possibility in an interesting way. The easiest way to explain it is that it feels like the Lucky feat expanded. The Luxon Beacon, if concentrated on, will emit a Fragment of Possibility that acts as a sort of luck point. A player can choose to expend their Fragment to reroll an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw and take the better roll. Or they can reroll an attack done to them.

One extremely interesting property of the Fragment of Possibility is that it stacks with advantage. That means the user can do the reroll after they’ve already rolled both advantage dice. Even more impressive is that the Luxon Beacon will spit out a Fragment of Possibility once a day. Overall this is a very powerful item that any player would love to have. However, the beacon can only award a Fragment once per day, so DMs don’t have to worry about handing out an overpowered item.

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