Dead by Daylight Mobile lurches relentlessly toward spring release

Dead by Daylight is one of the most-played games in the world. It regularly has thousands of people online at the same time in its 4-on-1 horror-movie combat on Steam alone. In total, Dead by Daylight has more than 15 million players. To build on that success, developer Behaviour Interactive made a partnership with NetEase to create Dead by Daylight Mobile. After testing the game in select regions, the two companies are preparing for a spring launch in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Behaviour is opening “preregistration” for Dead by Daylight Mobile today. You can sign up for the Android version here and iOS here. As more players join, Behaviour also plans to unlock more in-game rewards.

“We are extremely happy to partner with NetEase Games for Dead by Daylight Mobile,” Behaviuor boss Rémi Racine said. “Their expertise in operating and publishing mobile titles in Asia sets us up for success in the East. We believe that together with NetEase Games, we can bring quality interactive entertainment experiences for passionate gamers worldwide.”

Dead by Daylight Mobile aims to capture the full experience of the PC and console game. It has one player taking on the role of a horror villain. Four other players, meanwhile, must outwit and escape the overpowered threat. It’s a concept that has a dedicated audience, and game director Mathieu Côté thinks they’ve adapted it properly for touch devices.

“Our fans have been eager for the launch of this title since we first announced it,” said Côté. “And we’re happy to say our early adopters will be rewarded for their support and dedication. We’re delivering a fully-fledged and definitive product on iOS and Android devices, and fans can expect complete support and great content for a long time to come.”

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