Dead Island 2 release date, launch time, cheapest prices and pre-load

The game that’s been in development for nearly a decade is finally here, as Dead Island 2 makes its debut on consoles and PC. And as you can tell if you read our recent Dead Island 2 review, we kind of liked it! The good news is that you can try it for yourselves very soon, as Dead Island 2 has an April 21 release date and midnight launch time in all regions. This means you can start playing the PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC title the moment the clock strikes midnight – provided you’ve pre-loaded it, of course.

Dead Island 2 on PS5

£59.99 £49.99 View Deal

Dead Island 2 sees players battle hordes of zombies using makeshift weapons in Los Angeles.

Dead Island 2 on Xbox

£59.99 £54.99 View Deal

Dead Island 2 sees players battle hordes of zombies using makeshift weapons in Los Angeles.

Speaking of pre-loading, Dead Island 2 can be downloaded on PlayStation consoles right now. 

If you’ve pre-ordered the game on PS4 or PS5, simply visit the Library section of your console, select the game and choose to pre-load in order to start installation.

It’s a similar process on Xbox, where pre-order customers can choose to install the game early by searching for Dead Island 2 on the console and selecting the pre-load option.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to pre-load Dead Island 2 on PC, where it’s exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Dead Island 2 weighs in at around 48GB on PS5 and approximately 54GB on Xbox Series X/S. Last-gen versions are considerably smaller, while the PC edition requires a whopping 70GB of free space.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered the game, then ShopTo is currently the cheapest option for a physical copy.

The PS5 version of Dead Island 2 is available for £49.85 at ShopTo, compared to £48.85 for the Xbox Series X/S version.

A PlayStation 5 copy is only marginally more expensive at Amazon, where Dead Island 2 is available for £49.99. The Xbox Series X/S edition, on the other hand, costs £54.99 at Amazon. (Please note that prices are correct at the time of writing.)

If you want a digital copy that’s ready to play at midnight, then you’ll have to spend £59.99 on the PlayStation and Xbox, or £54.99 for a PC copy from the Epic Games Store.

Needless to say, fans can also purchase various special editions with bonus DLC, but these are more expensive.

Reviews have been somewhat mixed for Dead Island 2, although I really liked it. (And I hated the original.)

In its 4-star Dead Island 2 review, Daily Express praises the gruesomely satisfying combat, the flexible upgrade system and the excellent and often amusing characters and world building.

Elsewhere, VGC also awards the game 4/5, calling it a joy for anybody who likes chopping zombies into bits.

IGN scores the game 7/10, Gamingbolt awards Dead Island 2 80%, while Game Informer gives it 78%.

On the lower end of the scale, outlets like The Telegraph, NME and Guardian award the Dead Island sequel 3-stars.

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