Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen: How To Complete Every Seasonal Challenge

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen marked the second season for Year 4, allowing Guardians to fight against hundreds of Cabal in a new activity named Battlegrounds. Using the Hammer of Proving, players could smash Cabal chests at the end of each Battleground match to obtain some amazing gear.

The main source of upgrading your Hammer of Proving is War Table Reputation, a currency you can only obtain by completing older Seasonal Challenges. If you missed out on Season of the Chosen but want to obtain that season’s offerings, you’ll want to complete all 18 of these challenges.

Note: We’ll only be covering how to complete each challenge. If you are interested in which upgrades you should obtain first, check out our Hammer of Proving Enhancements guide.

What Are Seasonal Challenges?

Seasonal Challenges are your main source of XP and Bright Dust in Destiny 2. Some challenges are also tied towards seasonal progression, such as Season of the Chosen’s Hammer of Proving.

Once a season ends, any Seasonal Challenges tied to that season’s progression stay in the game under the “Past Challenges” tab in the Seasonal Challenges menu. In Season of the Chosen’s case, there are 18 past challenges that must be completed to unlock upgrades on your Hammer of Proving. None of these challenges grant XP or Bright Dust, but some do grant lore entries and seasonal weapons.

Golden Reaper

Golden Reaper: Acquire Cabal Gold by playing strikes, Gambit, Crucible, public events, and more.

Reward (Golden Reaper I-IV)

  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

Reward (Golden Reaper V)

  • War Table Reputation (Large)

Cabal Gold is the seasonal currency tied to Battlegrounds, Season of the Chosen’s main activity. This currency is required to craft Medallions for your Hammer of Proving, allowing you to smash chests at the end of a Battlegrounds match.

You can earn Cabal Gold from virtually every activity in Destiny 2. The three best playlists for earning Cabal Gold are Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. Whichever playlist you find the most fun is what you’ll want to grind.

Note: You cannot earn Cabal Gold if your Cabal Gold reserves are full. Be sure to run a few Battlegrounds matches to keep your reserves light on gold.

You’ll need to earn the following Cabal Gold to complete each Golden Reaper challenge:

  • Golden Reaper I: 100 Cabal Gold
  • Golden Reaper II: 200 Cabal Gold
  • Golden Reaper III: 300 Cabal Gold
  • Golden Reaper IV: 400 Cabal Gold
  • Golden Reaper V: 500 Cabal Gold

Cabal Contenders

Cabal Contenders: Defeat Elite or Boss Cabal anywhere in Battlegrounds missions.


  • War Table Reputation (Large)

In the Battlegrounds playlist, you’ll need to defeat 65 Elite or Boss Cabal to finish this challenge. Both Battlegrounds on Nessus—Behemoth and Oracle—are against Cabal only, making those the most efficient.

Elite and Boss Cabal refer to enemies with an orange or yellow health bar—more commonly referred to as majors and bosses. The Battlegrounds playlist is filled with these types of enemies, so completing this challenge shouldn’t take too long. Be sure to damage each Cabal you see to make progress.

Explosive Entrance

Explosive Entrance: Defeat Champions and get grenade takedowns in Battlegrounds.


  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

Landing 45 grenade takedowns and defeating 10 Champions will finish this challenge. Both objectives must be completed in the Battlegrounds playlist, as the playlist is the only way you can get Champions to spawn. Each mission has around two Champions, so this will take quite a few games to complete. Focus on the grenade objective first, then shift your attention to Champion eliminations once that’s done.

Proving Grounds Trifecta

Proving Grounds Trifecta: Complete the following in the Proving Grounds strike: finish the mission, defeat combatants, and deposit a Power Core in the undercarriage of the Land Tank.


  • War Table Reputation (Large)

Proving Grounds Trifecta requires that you complete three things while in the Proving Grounds strike:

  1. Clear the strike 3 times.
  2. Defeat 150 combatants.
  3. Deposit 2 Power Cores.

The Power Cores can be found halfway through the strike, right after clearing the vehicle bay section. While in the underbelly of the tank, you’ll need to grab two Power Cores and deposit them in a generator to proceed. The first one is right when you reach the underbelly, and the second one is directly across from the first core. Since you need to clear this strike three times, just remember to escort at least one Power Core during your first two runs.

Contender’s Ascent I-VII

Contender’s Ascent: Report to the War Table in the H.E.L.M. and complete the “Challenger’s Proving” quest. Then defeat Cabal using certain weapon archetypes.

“Challenges Proving” is Season of the Chosen’s main quest, guiding you through the conflict between the Vanguard and Caiatl’s forces. It’s split up into seven different quests, most of which ask you to complete a specific Battlegrounds mission. Some of the quests do deviate, asking for specific weapon kills or separating themselves from Battlegrounds entirely. We’ll give a brief rundown of each quest.

Contender’s Ascent


  • Code Duello – Rocket Launcher
  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

The first Challenger’s Proving quest has the most steps of the bunch. You’ll need to focus an Umbral Engram, earn Cabal Gold, complete Battleground: Hailstone, socket a Medallion into your Hammer of Proving, then complete a Battleground.

After you finished the quest, you’ll need to defeat 75 Cabal with Rocket Launchers.

Contender’s Ascent II


  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

Complete the Battlegrounds: Cleansing mission on the Cosmodrome. After that, socket a Medallion and complete a mission in the Battlegrounds playlist.

Contender’s Ascent III


  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

Clear Battleground: Oracle, then complete a mission in the Battleground playlist.

Contender’s Ascent IV


  • Far Future – Sniper Rifle
  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

There are quite a few steps to this quest, most of which involve clearing Lost Sectors:

  1. Complete a Battlegrounds match.
  2. Visit the Crow.
  3. Collect Vex Memory Fragments on Europa.
  4. Clear the Perdition Lost Sector.
  5. Clear the Pit Lost Sector, and defeat Cabal in EDZ Lost Sectors.
  6. Defeat Cabal in Legion’s Anchor in the EDZ.
  7. Clear the Skydock IV Lost Sector.
  8. Speak to Crow.

Once you’ve finished the quest, you’ll need to defeat 50 Cabal using Sniper Rifles.

Contender’s Ascent V


  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Large)

Complete a Battleground match, then witness the argument between Crow and Osiris at the H.E.L.M.

Contender’s Ascent VI


  • Imperial Needle – Bow
  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Large)

Head into the Battlegrounds playlist and complete a match. Once that’s complete, visit the H.E.L.M. to witness a conversation between Zavala, Saladin, and Osiris.

Completing this challenge will also require you to defeat 60 Cabal while using a Bow.

Contender’s Ascent VII


  • Extraordinary Rendition – Submachine Gun
  • Empress – Lore
  • War Table Reputation (Large)

Clear a Battleground, then complete the Proving Grounds strike. Speak to Crow and Zavala when the strike is complete to finish this series of quests.

Upon completing the quest, defeat 100 Cabal with a Submachine Gun to finish the challenge.

Crash And Converge

Crash and Converge: Smash Tribute Chests and focus Season of the Chosen Engrams using Charges from the Hammer of Proving.

Reward (Crash and Converge I-III)

  • War Table Reputation (Medium)

Similar to Golden Reaper, Crash and Converge has three different versions that have different challenge requirements. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Crash and Converge I: Smash 5 Tribute Chests, and focus 5 Umbral Engrams.
  • Crash and Converge II: Smash 10 Tribute Chests, and focus 10 Umbral Engrams.
  • Crash and Converge III: Smash 15 Tribute Chests, and focus 1 Tier 3 Umbral Engram.

You must use a focusing option that costs Hammer Charges to make progress. Tribute Chests are those you find at the end of a Battlegrounds match that require a Medallion to open. Stick to the Battlegrounds playlist to complete all three Crash and Converge challenges.

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