Destiny 2: Warmind Cells Explained In-Depth

Destiny 2 has seen some radical changes since it was released back in 2017. Multiple expansions and updates later, Bungie has turned this simple FPS title into a much deeper quasi-MMO title with a surprising amount of character customization.

Most of this is thanks to the inclusion of Combat Style mods in Year 3, allowing players to creatively tune their builds around niche mechanics for some devastating results. Arguably the strongest mechanic of the bunch is Warmind Cells, glowing orbs that newer players can’t resist shooting. As frustrating as that might be, the reward for creating a Warmind Cell build is a character that can solo Grandmaster Nightfalls, flawless dungeons, and make raids much easier. These mods are definitely worth your time. Let’s go over how Warmind Cells work.

What Are Warmind Cells?

Warmind Cells are orange orbs that can be damaged, creating a massive explosion when destroyed. Seventh Seraph and IKELOS weapons can spawn Warmind Cells, so long as you have a Warmind Cell mod equipped on any armor piece. You can only spawn Warmind Cells in PvE content and Gambit.

Warmind Cell Effects

We’ll give a brief synopsis of what Warmind Cells do:

  • Effect: When they take enough damage from Guardian weapons, Warmind Cells will explode, dealing massive damage across a wide area.
  • Duration: 20 seconds until detonated. The Warmind Cell will grow brighter as it starts to despawn.

Certain Warmind Cell mods will add or alter your cells’ functionality, ranging from blinding nearby enemies to healing allies whenever you detonate one. We’ll cover these mods in great detail at the end of the guide. For now, just know that Warmind Cells aren’t restricted to solely killing enemies.

How Do You Spawn Warmind Cells?

You will need two items to spawn Warmind Cells:

  1. Any Seventh Seraph or IKELOS weapon
  2. Any Warmind Cell mod equipped in the Combat Style mod slot in your armor.

If you fulfill both conditions, every enemy you kill will contribute progress towards your next Warmind Cell. Most players think it’s random, but you can tally your progress by paying attention to enemies you kill. In general, you’ll spawn a Warmind Cell after every five kills. Specific values per enemy type are covered below:

  • Explosive enemies: 10%
  • Rank and file enemies: 25-50% (tougher enemies are worth more)
  • Majors: 100%
  • Bosses: 100%

Thanks to Soleceon for the numbers listed above.

Once you reach 100% progress towards a Warmind Cell, your next kill will spawn a Warmind Cell on that enemy’s corpse, resetting your progress back to 0%. This progress isn’t shown anywhere in-game, so keep a mental note of how many enemies you’ve killed.

What Can Spawn Warmind Cells?

Every weapon listed below can spawn Warmind Cells, so long as you have a Warmind Cell mod installed on your armor:

  1. IKELOS_HC_v1.0.2 (Hand Cannon)
  2. IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2 (Shotgun)
  3. IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 (SMG)
  4. IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 (Sniper Rifle)
  5. Seventh Seraph Carbine (Auto Rifle)
  6. Seventh Seraph CQC-12 (Shotgun)
  7. Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver (Hand Cannon)
  8. Seventh Seraph SAW (Machine Gun)
  9. Seventh Seraph SI-2 (Sidearm)
  10. Seventh Seraph VY-7 (SMG)

If you have the Wrath of Rasputin mod installed, every weapon and ability that deals Solar splash damage can also spawn Warmind Cells. We’ll cover this in more detail when discussing the Wrath of Rasputin mod itself.

Note: Anarchy, Witherhoard, and other AoE weapons can spawn Warmind Cells if you swap to a compatible weapon before they kill something. The game only checks if you have a Warmind Cell-generating weapon in-hand when something dies, not if the weapon itself landed the kill. It’s a hair-splitting distinction on the surface, but this loophole allows AoE weapons to spawn Warmind Cells if you can swap weapons fast enough.

Can You Spawn Warmind Cells In PvP?

No. However, they can spawn in Gambit.

Are Warmind Cells Instanced?

No. If you spawn one, everyone in your fireteam can shoot and detonate your Warmind Cells, using their armor mods to influence what the cell does. If a fireteam member has no Warmind Cell mods and detonates one, the Warmind Cell will do nothing.

Do Warmind Cells Have A Cooldown?

Yes, albeit it’s extremely short (1-2 seconds). There’s no limit to the number of active Warmind Cells on the ground at once. As long as there are enemies to kill, there are Warmind Cells to be made.

How To Obtain Warmind Cell Mods

Unfortunately, the only way of obtaining Warmind Cells is to wait for Banshee-44 to sell them. He sells a random armor mod every day for ten Mod Components. Keep an eye on his stock daily to see if he’s selling any Warmind Cell mods.

All Warmind Cell Mods

There are 19 Warmind Cell mods that enhance or alter the way that your Warmind Cells behave. We’ll give a rundown of what each of them does. If you only care about which ones are the best, check out our Warmind Cell mod tier list.

Blessing Of Rasputin

Blessing of Rasputin: Collecting a Warmind Cell increases the chances that your next final blow with a Seraph weapon will create a Warmind Cell.

  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 2 Energy
  • Effect: Collecting Warmind Cells increases your chances of spawning a Warmind Cell by 25%.

Collecting a Warmind Cell involves running over a Warmind Cell, causing it to despawn while granting this effect. You do not need Grasp of the Warmind to use this mod! This mod grants around 25% progress towards your next Warmind Cell.

Burning Cells

Burning Cells: Destroying a Warmind Cell creates a burst of Solar energy that causes enemies to burn for several seconds.

  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cell explosions burn targets for 10 seconds

The duration of the burn is around ten seconds. Enemies burn for minimal damage each second. Since the burn damage is so low, this mod is best used to either delay enemy shield regeneration or enable passives that relate to burning.

This mod has unique synergies with the following:

  • The Burning Edge (Gunslinger): Burning Cells activates this perk, allowing your Dodge to recharge much faster.
  • Sol Invictus (Siegebreaker): Targets that die while burning leave Sunspots in their wake if Sun Warrior is active.

Burning Cells does not synergize with Dawn Chorus’ Exotic perk.

Cellular Suppression

Cellular Suppression: Damaging a Warmind Cell creates a burst of suppressing Void energy. Additionally, you deal less damage to Warmind Cells.

  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 4 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cells suppress nearby targets when hit. Your Warmind Cells also have three times as much health.
  • Suppress Duration: 10 seconds

When you damage a Warmind Cell, it will release a suppressing wave of energy about the radius of a Warmind Cell explosion. Enemies caught in the blast are suppressed for ten seconds, disabling ability usage, limiting their movement, and preventing them from attacking you. You can suppress every enemy type except bosses and Champions. This mod is fantastic in Nightfalls and pinnacle PvE content.

Chosen Of The Warmind

Chosen of the Warmind: Collecting or destroying a Warmind Cell creates a concussive blast that pushes enemies away.

  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 1 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cells push enemies away from you whenever you collect or break one.

Enemies are pushed back a few meters whenever you walk over or destroy a Warmind Cell. The blast deals no damage. Compared to blowing up a Warmind Cell, this mod leaves a lot to be desired.

Fireteam Medic

Fireteam Medic: Destroying a Warmind Cell creates a burst of healing for you and allies near you.

  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cell explosions grant 50% HP to you and nearby allies.
  • Heal Amount: ~50%

The effective range of Fireteam Medic is around the range of a Warmind Cell explosion. Fireteam Medic activates Benevolent Dawn.

Global Reach

Global Reach: Warmind Cells you create affect and damage targets at a greater distance.

  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 1 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cells have increased range.

Global Reach increases the effective range of your Warmind Cell explosions and any associated effects. It’s hard to test how much extra range this mod grants, but the difference is massive.

Cellular Suppression, Warmind’s Protection, and other mods that apply an effect over a radius are improved when Global Reach is slotted. Global Reach is unlocked for all players by default.

Grasp Of The Warmind

Grasp of the Warmind: You can pick up, carry, and throw Warmind Cells. Once thrown, a Warmind Cell cannot be picked up again.

  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cells can be picked up and thrown. You can do this once per Warmind Cell.

When you approach a Warmind Cell, you’ll be given a prompt to pick up the Warmind Cell. Once grabbed, you can only run or throw the cell; you can’t melee with it like other orb objects. When thrown, the Warmind Cell will aggressively stick to enemies close to its path, making it easy to stick a Warmind Cell onto a target. Should the target die while a Warmind Cell is on them, it’ll detach from the corpse after a short time. Warmind Cells do not expire while you’re carrying one.

Grabbing a Warmind Cell does not count as consuming a cell! Arc mods that consume Warmind Cells will force them to despawn when you get near one, making Grasp of the Warmind useless. Do not use mods that consume Warmind Cells in conjunction with this mod.

Incinerating Light

Incinerating Light: Become Charged with Light by rapidly defeating multiple enemies with the explosion of a Warmind Cell.

  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cell explosions grant x1 Charged with Light stacks if they kill at least two enemies.

Multiple multikills from the same Warmind Cell do not grant multiple Charged with Light stacks. Only you gain Charged with Light stacks from Incinerating Light. This mod does work with Stacks on Stacks.

Light From Darkness

Light from Darkness: Become Charged with Light by rapidly defeating multiple enemies near a Warmind Cell using weapons or abilities.

  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Achieving double kills on targeted near Warmind Cells will grant x1 Charged with Light stacks.

Enemies near your Warmind Cells will glow orange. Achieving a triple kill will grant one stack of Charged with Light. There’s a short cooldown before you can gain Charged with Light this way again. Any weapon or ability will grant Charged with Light stacks. This mod works with Stacks on Stacks.

Enemies need to be fairly close for this mod, although you can drastically improve the effective range by using Global Reach.

Light Of The Fire

Light of the Fire: Rapidly defeating targets with the detonation of a Warmind Cell generates an Orb of Power.

  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 4 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cell explosions generate one Orb of Power for allies if the explosion kills two targets.

The Orb of Power only spawns for allies. Warmind Cell explosions can only spawn one Orb of Power.

Modular Lightning

Modular Lightning: Collecting a Warmind Cell creates a burst of chaining Arc energy around you.

  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Collect a Warmind Cell to damage nearby enemies with chain lightning.

Modular Lighting behaves similarly to Riskrunner’s chain lightning, hitting multiple enemies with a single lightning chain. If no enemies are nearby when the Warmind Cell is consumed, the lightning will persist around your character until you get close to a target, at which point the effect will activate. The damage is lackluster, incapable of killing most fodder enemies.

Power Of Rasputin

Power of Rasputin: You gain a bonus to weapon damage against enemies that are near Warmind Cells.

  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 4 Energy
  • Effect: Enemies near Warmind Cells take 10% increased weapon damage.
  • Damage Buff: 10%
  • Stacks With Other Damage Buffs: Yes

Power of Rasputin’s radius is around the same size as a Warmind Cell explosion, making this a fantastic choice for virtually every Warmind Cell build. The damage boost is 10% and stacks with other debuffs—Tractor Cannon, Shadowshot, and Divinity, to name a few. Enemies affected by this mod glow orange.

Rage Of The Warmind

Rage of the Warmind: Adds additional Solar damage to the explosions of Warmind Cells you destroy.

  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 5 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cells now deal Solar damage.

Despite the mod’s description, Rage of the Warmind only turns the explosive damage of your Warmind Cells into Solar damage. While lackluster on its own, this has an absurdly strong synergy with Wrath of Rasputin. With that mod equipped, your Warmind Cells can spawn Warmind Cells.

Sheltering Energy

Sheltering Energy: Collecting a Warmind Cell grants you an overshield.

  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 5 Energy
  • Effect: Collecting a Warmind Cell grants a 20-second overshield.

This overshield is exactly the same as Defensive Strike, granting a powerful overshield that regenerates itself as long as it doesn’t break. The overshield lasts 20 seconds.

Strength Of Rasputin

Strength of Rasputin: Collecting a Warmind Cell grants you melee energy.

  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 2 Energy
  • Effect: Collecting a Warmind Cell grants 50% melee energy.

Warmind’s Light

Warmind’s Light: Become Charged with Light by collecting a Warmind Cell.

  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 3 Energy
  • Effect: Collecting a Warmind Cell grants x1 Charged with Light stacks.

Warmind’s Light grants x2 Charged with Light Stacks if you use the Stacks of Stacks mod.

Warmind’s Longevity

Warmind’s Longevity: Warmind Cells you create last longer.

  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 1 Energy
  • Effect: Warmind Cells expire after 30 seconds instead of 20.

Warmind’s Protection

Warmind’s Protection: You take reduced damage from enemies that are near Warmind Cells.

  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 2 Energy
  • Effect: Enemies near Warmind Cells deal 50% less damage.

The effective radius of Warmind’s Protection is quite large, comparable to the size of a Warmind Cell explosion. Enemies affected by Warmind’s Protection glow orange. The damage reduction bonus is multiplicative with other DR sources such as Protective Light.

Wrath Of Rasputin

Wrath of Rasputin: Solar splash damage final blows have a chance to create Warmind Cells.

  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 1 Energy
  • Effect: Solar splash damage contributes towards spawning Warmind Cells.

Both Solar weapons and abilities that deal splash damage can spawn Warmind Cells. When combined with the Rage of the Warmind mod, your Warmind Cells can generate Warmind Cells. This mod is a game-changer for most loadouts, allowing the likes of Xenophage and Ticcu’s Divination to spawn Warmind Cells.

Weapon and abilities that work with this mod are listed below:


  1. Ace of Spades
  2. Jotunn
  3. One Thousand Voices
  4. Polaris Lance
  5. Skyburner’s Oath (hip-fire)
  6. Solar Dragonfly explosions (including Chromatic Fire)
  7. Solar Explosive Payload weapons
  8. Solar Grenade Launchers
  9. Solar Rocket Launchers (including Eyes of Tomorrow and Two-Tailed Fox)
  10. Sunshot
  11. Ticuu’s Divination
  12. Xenophage

Solar Abilities:

  1. Blade Barrage
  2. Burning Maul (tornados)
  3. Celestial Nighthawk explosions
  4. Daybreak (bottom tree)
  5. Hammer of Sol
  6. Hammer Strike (extremely unreliable)
  7. Igniting Touch
  8. Mortar Blast
  9. Proximity Explosive Knife
  10. Solar grenades
  11. Throwing Hammer (AoE after it lands)
  12. Warmind Cells (requires the Rage of the Warmind mod)

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