Destiny 2’s Season 14 Start Date, End Date Datamined

Season of the Chosen is halfway done, ending in May 2021. While we don’t know the actual name of the next season in Destiny 2, it looks like we now have the release date and the end date for it. Originally discovered by DestinyNews+, Destiny 2 season 14 will launch on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, and will run a little over three months, ending on August 24, 2021.

It’s been over a month since the release of Season 13 – Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. This season focuses on the Cabal empire storyline and features some amazing new and reissued weapons in the game. In total, Bungie added somewhere near 26 weapons this season along with new seasonal armor sets and ornaments. On top of that, we’ve received an incredibly unique exotic quest for Dead’s Man Tale, which has to be one best exotic quests we’ve gotten in Destiny 2 so far.

Considering this three-month release window, season 15 will most likely end in November/December 2021. And then we’ll probably get a new unannounced season that will cover The Witch Queen delay, which is now releasing in Q1 2022.

Season 14 will bring back a fan-favorite raid from vanilla Destiny – Vault of Glass. Bungie has already clarified in its Road to The Witch Queen blog-post that the Vault of Glass raid will feature some new surprises. Along with that, there will be a contest mode and a World’s First race for this raid as well, but this time with some changes. Players will need to complete a set of “challenging triumphs.”

Joe Blackburn, assistant game director at Bungie, also mentioned that Bungie is looking forward to adding the Master version of the Vault of Glass raid later this year which will allow players to unlock the adept raid weapons.

Right now, Season of the Chosen is going strong with new content. Bungie released the Grandmaster Nightfalls earlier this week, with the new strike going live next week, which will progress the storyline of Empress Caiatl, Commander Zavala, Lord Saladin, Osiris, and The Crow.

We’ve also got our first sneak peek at the new Guardian Games 2021 cosmetics and Power Rangers-themed armor ornaments coming in April 2021.

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