Destruction AllStars Is Getting Online Bots

Destruction AllStars will be adding online Bots in order to balance out the low times of player activity for online matchmaking.

Lucid Games Limited put out an update roadmap for the game on the Destruction Allstars subreddit. The update notes mention that there are no definite dates for when these features will be rolled out, but they will be coming “further down the road.”

The biggest of these features is the addition of online bots. Lucid mentioned that since the game’s community is spread out across the globe, the online matchmaking experiences peak and low times. “The peaks being around UTC 4pm – 10pm weekdays and UTC 2:00pm until 1:00am on the weekends,” mention the notes. In order to ensure that matches are filled to capacity, AI bots will take up the spots that aren’t taken up by real players. However, no bots will be included in the game’s competitive mode, Blitz.

The roadmap also lists a number of other updates coming to the game. Firstly, the Playlists mode is being tweaked in order to make selecting and matching for your favourite game modes easier. Additionally a Global Parties feature will allow you to create a party with your friends, and then queue up for the Solo or Team mode of your choice.

A number of quality of life updates are also coming to the game. Lucid will be looking into the Ghost Hits issue and figuring out ways to mitigate it. Further network improvements will also be made to ensure that the game’s servers are more stable and responsive. The notes also mention that the team will continuously work on balancing the AllStars. Lucid will be heavily relying on community feedback for this.

Lastly, the devs will also be taking a look at the on-foot and in vehicle abilities of the AllStars and how they interact with other players. The notes are pretty vague about the abilities, saying that the team is “not sure yet if these will be small tweaks or completely changing [the abilities]”.

It’s unclear whether all these changes will come as one major update or will be spread out over time. As it stands, there are no dates mentioned for any of the proposed changes.

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