Devil May Cry 5 Mod Gives Vergil… A Plastic Lawn Chair

Possibilities are limitless in the world of modding. Wonderful worlds can be crafted for all to indulge in, allowing passionate people to tailor titles to their own personal preference. While some modders use their powers for good, others focus their energy on converting Vergil’s throne in Devil May Cry 5 into a plastic lawn chair.

This particular mod probably set out with the aim of imaging the cheapest kind of throne available — and it doesn’t come much cheaper than reflective, white lawn chairs made of 100% plastic. According to Nexus Mods, the original mod was created by thezippotm. However, videos and various images of Vergil’s lawn chair quickly cropped up all over Twitter. Players quickly started to create their own Devil May Cry memes, one of which compared the scene of Vergil sitting on his new, plastic throne to a Covenant album cover.

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Some comments targeted the plastic chair’s penchant for making a deafening racket while being dragged across concrete, while others considered the likelihood of it blowing away once Vergil stood up in the cutscene to greet Dante. A barrage of other altered images also surfaced, one of which depicted Dante and Vergil holding Monster Energy cans, and looking quite pleased about it. While the plastic chairs technically already exist in Devil May Cry 5, it was a tweet by dorumon that turned the mod into a viral sensation among the fandom.

For those unacquainted with Vergil, he’s Dante’s twin brother and a recurring antagonist in the Devil May Cry series. Vergil is a playable character – as well as a boss – in special editions of Devil May Cry 3 through 5, whose demeanor often changes to encompasses other personalities. Half-demon, half-human, Vergil is a powerful foe and ally to Dante throughout the series, and possesses superhuman strength that this ordinary lawn chair appears to be immune to.

Fans of Devil May Cry have been pleading with Capcom to release a Devil May Cry 5 special edition PC port, where the community’s modding creativity will know no bounds. Unfortunately, Capcom has explained that its focus is on the Xbox Series X and PS5. At present, it’s widely believed that a PC port will appear after the console re-release sales, which will give the already successful Devil May Cry title the platform hattrick.

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