Dice Legacy has you rolling to build cities

Publisher Firesquid and developer DESTINYbit have announced Dice Legacy, a new city-building game with a dice-rolling twist.

Dice Legacy will come to PC first this summer. Console releases will come at a later date.

The game has you rolling dice to create a medieval town (and if that doesn’t sound unique enough, your town exists on a Halo-like, ring-shaped world). Your dice start as peasants, but you can upgrade them to priests, soldiers, merchants, and citizens.

You can get a first glimpse at gameplay in the video above. Aside from the whole dice thing, you’ll find a lot of elements familiar to city-building strategy games: gathering resources, discovering technologies, and raising buildings.

Developer DESTINYbit is based in Ravenna, Italy. It has experience with the genre via the 2018 free-to-play game Empires Apart, although it is a more conventional real-time strategy game.

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