Dinkum: How To Earn Dinks Fast

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  • Catching Bugs
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  • Treasure Hunting
  • Completing Requests
  • Trapping Animals
  • Thunder Eggs

While the main purpose of experiencing a farming game like Dinkum is to chill and have a nice time, it is also really important to earn the in-game currency to buy more equipment and progress on your farm. Dinks are the main currency in this game and they are required to buy tools, weapons, mining passes, and many other things.

Everything you do in the game has the potential to give you some amount of money. For example, even grass seeds can be sold for a bit of Dinks. But, if you want to get rich within a few days, there are a few specific things that you can do to achieve that goal.

Catching Bugs

This is one of the few early-game methods to earn a lot of Dinks. At the start, Fletch will give you a free Bug Net that you can use to capture butterflies, moths, flies, spiders, and many other bugs. A few in-game hours of farming can easily provide you with a full inventory of bugs.

John arrives at the island on the second day, and he stays as a visitor until you make him a permanent resident. All of these bugs can be sold to him for a decent amount of Dinks, especially considering the fact that you'll only use this method for the first few days. Usually, you'd get around 10,000 Dinks on average with this method every day.


Once you've acquired your Mining License from Fletch, you can grab a Pickaxe from John and use it to mine various different ore around the world. Eventually, you will also get a free furnace that you can use to smelt five ores of any kind into a bar of the same kind.

Usually, you wouldn't want to sell these bars since they're used for crafting a lot of items. But, if you have some extra bars lying around, and you're in dire need of Dinks, selling these can get you a significant amount.

This method becomes more reliant once you unlock the mines as you'll acquire a ton of Iron Ore, which will give you many extra Iron Bars. These can be sold for 2,000 Dinks each to John.


Hunting is a big part of any farming game, and this is the same for Dinkum. While you can try to hunt animals using normal tools, it's recommended to think about hunting once you unlock a weapon. Killing Croco gives you Croco Meat while killing Mu or Wary Mu gives you Raw Giant Drumstick.

Further, you can also kill an Alpha animal to get Raw Prime Meat. Selling all of these meats once they're cooked gives players quite a lot of Dinks, but you need to make sure you have enough of them to help you in battle first. Cooked Croco Meat and Cooked Prime Meat are worth the most.


Once you acquire the Fishing License, you can nab yourself a fishing rod from John, which can later be upgraded upon leveling up your fishing and unlocking further licenses. Once you learn how to fish in Dinkum, you can easily get around 20,000 Dinks on average while fishing normally.

On the other hand, you can also get over 100,000 Dinks after a few hours of fishing if you search for a particular fish. Once it strikes 5:30 pm on the clock, head over to the northern ocean and catch as many Barracuda as you can. This is the best fish in the game when it comes to Dinks.

Treasure Hunting

Upon acquiring a Metal Detector and a Shovel, you can go treasure hunting in Dinkum. Spend a whole day detecting buried treasure and shoveling them up to get a handsome amount of Dinks. However, you might not want to sell all the treasure early game as some of it is required for certain tasks later on.

To get your hands on even better treasure items, you can head over to the mines and use Old Keys obtained on the surface to unlock Treasure Rooms. These rooms are filled with a lot of treasure which will make your eyes sparkle.

Sometimes, you can dig up an Amber cube or a Beehive. If you've made a permanent residence for John called John's Goods, take these items over to him, and you will get a lot of in-game currency depending on their weight.

Completing Requests

From the start of the game, you can ask all the NPCs for a job that makes your bond with that NPC better upon completion. Sometimes, the NPC can give you a few Dinks after you complete their task as well.

Once you place the Bulletin Board, all the people living in your town will start posting requests on the board, which usually have a nice reward. Some of these requests also involve fighting Alpha animals, which can be quite hard during the early game.

Trapping Animals

After unlocking Simple Animal Traps and Animal Collection Point, you can spend a few in-game hours every day to capture 4-6 animals and submit them to get a passive earning started. This can provide you anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 Dinks on average depending on the animal you capture.

Thunder Eggs

On rainy days, lightning will strike randomly, and it has a chance of dropping a Thunder Egg at its location. You can take this Egg and place it inside a Tele Tower to get a lot of Opals that are sold at a very high price. Alternatively, you can directly sell the egg to John to get over 100,000 Dinks.

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