Dinkum: Where To Find Shiny Stones

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Dinkum is the new popular role-playing game that's been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews. This adventurous indie game offers a variety of fun things to do, areas to explore, and tasks to complete. Collecting items and crafting are major parts of Dinkum. You'll need to collect plenty of different materials to help you progress in the game. An example of items you'll collect is Shiny Stones.

Shiny Stones are rocks that can be found on the island. They can be opened to obtain precious resources like Opals, Iron, and Copper. Below is a guide on how to find, identify, and open Dinkum's Shiny Stones.

What Shiny Stones Look Like

Being able to identify a Shiny Stone will ensure that when you come across one, you'll know to pick it up. Shiny Stones are small brown rocks that are cracked. The cracks are bright yellow, so it looks like the stones contain gold.

Once a Shiny Stone is in your inventory, you'll notice it by its bright yellow colour.

How To Obtain Shiny Stones

Shiny Stones are scattered around the map. Their specific locations can't be pinpointed, but there are things you can do to help you find them. You'll most often get Shiny Stones by mining. To find Shiny Stones specifically, focus on striking rocks and ores.

How To Mine In Dinkum

Mining will not only help you find Shiny Stones but also other resources the game has to offer. To mine in Dinkum, you'll need:

  1. Mining Licence Level 1: this Licence can be bought from Fletch for 250 Permission Points, and will grant you permission to mine.
  2. Basic Pickaxe: the Basic Pickaxe will be enough to strike rocks, and you can upgrade it down the line; get it from John for 1,200 Dinks.

Getting the resources to obtain Shiny Stones is relatively affordable. However, keep in mind that you'll need to obtain a lot more Dinks before you can open the stones.

Mining will go a lot quicker if you obtain a Jackhammer, which costs 100,000 Dinks.

How To Open Shiny Stones

You'll need a Stone Grinder costing 10,000 Dinks. You can once again buy this from John's shop.

Once you've got both your Shiny Stones and your Stone Grinder, you can place one inside to get the valuable resources you're seeking.

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