Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Increase Friendship With Characters

The characters living in your village are a big part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, delightful citizens you'll certainly you'll love to have around. There's a lot to discover about the friendship mechanic of the game, and it's one that's worth taking the time to learn since it'll give you some fantastic perks as you continue playing.

As you play, you can increase your friendship with the inhabitants of the Valley and earn themed rewards as you go. You do this by becoming closer with your villagers, to improve their mood and yours. It's a fun mechanic, and given who these characters are it's quite a unique experience.

This guide is based on Early Access content, and as such may be subject to change in the future.

Ways To Increase Your Friendship Level

Each character has its own friendship meter, and as you increase your level with them, your own character will improve their level and be able to accumulate more energy to perform daily tasks. That's not the only perk, either — each time you increase your friendship level with a character, you'll receive a gift.

This can be a themed clothing article, motif or piece of furniture, or Star Coins. The character will also improve their task performance in their assigned roles. Here are the key ways you can increase your friendship.


This seems pretty obvious, right? However, this method is easily overlooked and forgotten. Simply approaching the characters wandering around the Valley and talking to them will improve your relationship with them. Sometimes they'll even ask you questions about yourself. A conversation with a Disney character is always a lovely interaction to have.


Just like in Animal Crossing, you can give your neighbors gifts to make them like you a little bit more. Each day there are three specific items that they'll enjoy more than usual. You can check out these items by opening up your menu, visiting the Collection tab, and going to the Characters list. Select the different characters to see what they prefer on a certain day.

You can also do this by interacting with them when you see them. And, if you open your inventory and there's an icon with a purple icon then it's either a quest item or someone's favorite thing for the day.

Hanging Out

Once you reach Friendship level 2 with a character, you'll have to give them a role in the community. They can either become better at gardening, fishing, mining, foraging, or digging. And, the next time that you speak with them, you'll have to option to invite them to hang out — they'll be your temporary companion. While you're hanging out they'll be able to collect items and resources with you.


If a character has a purple sparkle icon over their hands, it means that they have a friendship quest for you. So, if you talk to them during this time they'll give you a task that you'll have to complete in order to increase their friendship with you.

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