Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality Is Coming To The Switch

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running television series ever, starting up in 1963 and running until today, with only one gap from 1989 to 2005. It has over 800 episodes, a TV movie, and now a video game trilogy — the latest installment of which, The Edge of Reality, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The Edge of Reality is “a reimagining” of last year’s Doctor Who game from the same developer, Maze Theory Studios. Unlike last year’s game, though, The Edge of Reality won’t just be a VR game. It will instead be available on multiple ports, including the Nintendo Switch, and will bring new content with it.

A trailer for the game explains that 1 million years from now, reality was nearly destroyed. “Nearly” is the operative word here, because it wasn’t destroyed — which means our heroes did something right. You’ll be joined by the thirteenth doctor, Jodi Whittaker, and the tenth doctor, David Tennant, on your quest to save reality itself.

In case you were wondering, The Edge of Reality isn’t DLC for The Edge of Time. Instead, it will pick up where The Edge of Time left off (if that really means anything for the Doctor). You’ll be working to uncover an even deeper mystery than the one that is threatening to tear reality apart.

Your enemies have received an upgrade to their AI, but will still come in the form of well-known adversaries like the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. The team at Maze Theory have also promised to bring new foes to fight; they didn’t mention what those enemies will be, instead stating they are “yet to be revealed.”

If The Edge of Time is any indication of what The Edge of Reality is going to be like, we’re all in for a treat. Doctor Who has decades of lore to draw from, so you know that the story here is going to be top-notch, nevermind the beautifully rendered environments that you’ll visit. Keep an eye out for its release sometime in the spring of next year — reality will need you.

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