Don’t Fall For This Fall Guys Scam Site

Players and viewers continue to have a lot of affection for Fall Guys. The Fall Guys community has already lost its mind with season 1, and with season 2 of Fall Guys just around the corner, the excitement online continues to grow. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have knocked it out of the park.

With any game that gets popular comes the unfortunate reality of clones scattered across mobile markets, cheaters ruining the fun, and plenty of scams. Unfortunately, many Fall Guys players have fallen for an ongoing scam that has drawn the attention of the official Fall Guys Twitter account.

Watch Out For Fall Guys Scams

For a brief moment, the Fall Guys Twitter account broke character to address the ongoing issue of a known scam promising players Fall Guys Kudos. The scam promises players Kudos if they sign in with their account credentials. However, no Kudos will be given, and this is a ploy to hoard sensitive user information. The Fall Guys Twitter account made it clear that any website that promises such an offer is not capable of doing so and that you should keep your passwords guarded.

Of course, the scam site is not mentioned by name, but a quick search can show you numerous videos and websites promising players free Kudos for the low, low fee of your private account information. Fall Guys scams have popped up since the launch of the game, with reports of Fall Guys mobile scams that also duped a few unlucky fans. If you find yourself on a suspicious website, think about what they get out of you being there. Rarely are websites going to give away something free without some catch, so practice caution and never give out your passwords.

If you know somebody that may have fallen for one of these scam sites, try to get them to reset their passwords and contact support. Hopefully, fans that have fallen for this scam can get their accounts back and not suffer any severe loss from linked credit cards. Avoid those shady websites and just kick back and play another game of Fall Guys.

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