Doom Eternal — one of my favorite firefights in the game

Never stop moving. Aggression solves every problem. That’s the mantra of the game designers for Doom Eternal. You can’t hide out in one place in this single-player first-person shooter, because the enemies will just spawn right on top of you.

A good example of this is this firefight that I survived in the middle of the game. I had plenty of room to run, which is unusual in this game, as there are tons of places where you can get stuck and cornered as you flee the hordes of Hell. The game debuts on March 20 on the consoles and the PC.

In this part of the game, I had nine weapons. I could pull up my weapon wheel and switch to whatever worked on the enemy at hand. The plasma gun works against enemies carrying shields or the Carcass Demon, who can deploy a shield to protect other demons. The Heavy Cannon has a Precision Bolt mod that lets you pull up a sniper scope and knock the turret off the top of an Arachnotron, a spider-like enemy that can deal massive damage from both far away and up close.

Above: Doom Eternal has plenty of green goo. Here’s a Cyber Mancubus.

I also had to remember to switch up the way that I killed the demons. If you do a Glory Kill (melee) attack on a stunned demon (called staggered), you kill the demon and get health. If you use your flame belch, the enemies you burn will drop armor plates. If you do two Glory Kills, you can fire a massive Blood Punch to take out multiple enemies. And if you find cans of fuel on the ground, you can quickly refill your chainsaw, which otherwise gradually refills itself over time. And if you use the chainsaw to slice a demon in half, you can get ammo.

When you’re running around in a state of panic, shooting anything that moves in the most ammo-efficient way, it is easy to forget these things. The indicators are there on your interface to see, such as how long until you recharge a special power, but it’s hard to look at that in the panic of battle. I always had to remind myself to fire my ice bomb, which freezes the enemies in front of you, and my flame belch.

Ammo is so important because your best weapons like the rocket launcher only get 10 shots, and your shotgun only gets 18 shots. The Super Shotgun is useful against almost any enemy at close range.

While this battle looks like it never ends, it isn’t the most intense fight. It has a wide variety of enemies, but the harder battles are the boss fights, often when you’re fighting one-on-one or one against a leader with minions.

In the boss fights, you have to make sure you take out the minions to replenish ammo and such. It takes a lot of hours to get characters as leveled up as this one in the video. But early on in the game, you just have a shotgun. I can barely remember that time of the game now, as I’ve been scarred in so many battles. I’d say more, but I have to get back to it.

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