Doritos Matches Taco Bell With PS5 Giveaway (But Only In Europe)

In Europe, Sony has joined forces with Doritos to giveaway PS5 consoles. Participants simply need to buy selected promotional packets of the chips that became available on September 29. The promotion will run until the end of the year.

To participate, snack fans only need to enter a code found on the bag into a website for a chance to win. There are five promotional Doritos packages with promo codes that feature the PS5 console on the front. After entering the code on the website, participants will know immediately if they’ve won.

There will be just over 200 PS5 consoles up for grabs. Another way to win is to collect all four PS5 symbols (circle, square, triangle, and cross) and unlock the console. After the PS5 launches, it will be shipped directly to the winners. In addition, there is an AR Quest Promotion that participants can enter via Doritos Quest. After launching the site, users will create a Vatom wallet by registering or joining as a guest.

According to the PlayStation Blog, “Users will be able to locate Doritos Bag Vatoms by viewing nearby Vatoms on a map. As soon as a user finds a Vatom, they can tap on it to pick it up and claim the prize or collect the PlayStation Shapes in order to try and collect all four PlayStation Shapes.”

The giveaway will be underway in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands from September 28 to December 31. In Spain, it will run from November 2 to December 20, and in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, it will take place from November 2 to December 31.

Meanwhile, the AR Quest runs in Belgium and the Netherlands from October 12 to November 9. In the UK, fans can participate from November 2 to November 30, and in Ireland from November 2 to November 23. In Spain, the AR Quest will run from November 2 to November 30. Participation will be limited in each country as follows: UK: 102,000; Ireland: 5,000; Benelux 22,000; and Spain: 21,000.

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