Double Fine Releases New Psychonauts 2 Screenshots

Double Fine has released some new 4K screenshots of Psychonauts 2 that give us a better look at the Psychonauts HQ.

The screenshots were released on Double Fine’s Twitter account after reports of leaked screenshots hit the internet. The images that were making the rounds were actually from the Psychonauts 2 holiday update video uploaded around Christmas. In response to the “leak”, Double Fine provided 4K images of the game that mimicked some of the supposed leaks.

The first image shows Raz in the Psychonauts HQ, where he seems to be posing heroically. Whether or not this is from some kind of photo mode isn’t clear, but it could just be a new idle animation. This screenshot also gives us a few little hints about the game through some of the things in the background.

Directly behind Raz is a Psi-Core machine, which appeared in the original game and combined your collected Psi-Cards with Psi-Cores to create challenge markers. These challenge markers would then raise your level and give you new abilities, implying that the feature is returning here.

You can also see a barbershop called “Ford’s”, which seems to be linked to Ford Cruller, Raz’s mentor and a Psychonaut himself. The last video for Psychonauts 2 showed a bowling and barbershop inspired world that might be linked to Ford, especially if this image is to be believed.

Whereas the first screenshot looked like a new image entirely, the second screenshot is an exact copy of a shot from the holiday update. The image has Raz in an office space in his Aquato family uniform running towards something.


There’s not quite as much to take away from this image but the poster in front of Raz says, “reach your full mental potential with mindswarm”. This could be teasing a potential psychic ability for Raz, as the only new one we’ve seen so far is the time bubble ability.

It’s been a pretty big week for Psychonauts news, as Microsoft confirmed that the game is going to be added to Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks, alongside games like Just Cause 4 and Remnant: From the Ashes.

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