Dr Disrespect Exposes His Battletag On Overwatch

Dr Disrespect has been on an Overwatch stint lately, teaming up with fellow Twitch streamer TimTheTatman for some fast-paced FPS action. Unfortunately for the pair, The Doc “accidentally” revealed his own battletag for all of the world to see.

When explaining how to add a friend in the game, TimTheTatman explicitly stated that he should not reveal the numbers following his handle (also known as a battletag.) The mustached streamer then proceeded to ignore Tim completely and both showed the numbers onscreen and read them aloud.

This left Tim speechless, but the fun didn’t stop there; Dr Disrespect decided to double down. Keeping his game client onscreen, he went through his friend requests and revealed TimTheTatman’s battletag as well. Considering that Dr Disrespect received over 60 friend requests within seconds, Tim probably experienced his own tidal wave.

Whether or not the streamer was subtly trolling or covering up a misstep is hard to say for sure, but either way it was hilarious.

Between “accidentally” yelling at a poor young soul and reporting other players for perfectly legitimate reasons, he seems to have a lot to say about the state of Overwatch.

Approaching the camera with no less than three pairs of sunglasses on his head, the Twitch streamer went on a rant about the ridiculous amount of nuisances gamers have to keep their eyes on when playing Overwatch.

Despite all of the rage, anger, and outright fails — Dr Disrespect’s comedic self-awareness allows him to hold onto a large audience. Like the WWE, playing into over-dramatic emotion is all part of the act. Let’s just say, if there is a posterchild needed for Ninja’s philosophy on anger in video games, Dr Disrespect would be a perfect fit for the role.

Hopefully TimTheTatman isn’t too upset over Doc’s failure to keep their battletags a secret. Making a new account isn’t too difficult, but if the pair had seasoned stats linked with their profiles, it would’ve been a tragedy. Overwatch is just a stepping stone for Dr Disrespect right now, however, as he seems to have his sights set on the upcoming competitive shooter from Riot Games: Valorant.

Sources: Twitch, Twitter

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