Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Blackwall

One of the best things about Dragon Age: Inquisition is that you can romance some of your favorite characters. There are a variety of romanceable party members and advisors, however, they each have their own individual preferences, so you might have to be a certain race/gender to romance your chosen character.

Committing to a romantic relationship with a character will earn you the “Beloved and Precious” achievement/trophy. One of your many options is the Grey Warden Blackwall, who can begin a relationship with any female Inquisitor. Here’s everything you need to know in order to romance him.

How to Recruit Blackwall

Before you can romance Blackwall, you first have to recruit him to the Inquisition. Once you return from your first visit to Val Royeaux, “The Lone Warden” sidequest will be available from Leliana in Haven.

You will be able to find Blackwall training a bunch of conscripts on the western shore of Lake Luthias in the Hinterlands. After helping Blackwall and his recruits defeat some thieves, Blackwall will offer to join the Inquisition.

If you don’t recruit Blackwall before going to Adamant, then you will permanently miss out on him joining the Inquisition.

Progressing your Relationship with Blackwall

In order to progress your relationship with Blackwall, you need to raise your approval with him, as you need to become a close friend to him in order to unlock his personal sidequests. You need to complete Blackwall’s sidequests to successfully romance him.

You can raise your approval by speaking with Blackwall often, exhausting all dialog options, and choosing the most honest and forgiving options in conversations will tend to raise his approval of you. This includes conversations with Blackwall, as well as any conversations that you have while Blackwall is present. Other actions and choices will also affect Blackwall’s opinion of you, so always show mercy to any prisoners that you capture or enemies that you meet.

Most importantly — flirt with Blackwall at every opportunity, these are the conversation choices marked with a heart. It’s worth speaking with him after every major story event, or any sidequest that involves/affects him, as this is usually when new options will appear.

During the “Here Lies the Abyss” main quest, you will be given the option to exile Blackwall along with the other Grey Wardens (if you chose to banish them). In doing so, Blackwall will be permanently removed from the party and the romance will end.

Blackwall’s Inner Circle Quests

Memories of the Grey

Blackwall’s first Inner Circle quest will be available as soon as you have recruited him, just speak to him at Haven to unlock this quest.

“Memories of the Grey” tasks you to check out some old Grey Warden camps and outposts to find some artifacts for Blackwall. The artifacts are roughly marked on your map, though will take a little searching, and can be found in the following locations:

  • Storm Coast x 2
  • Hinterlands x 2
  • Western Approach x 2
  • Fallow Mire x 2
  • Emprise du Lion x 2

Though this quest can be completed without Blackwall in your party, having Blackwall with you when each artifact is found will significantly raise his approval towards you each time.

You will need to have the Deft Hands, Fine Tools Inquisition perk to open a locked door in at Hargrave Keep in the Fallow Mire in order to access one of the artifacts. Additionally, in Emprise du Lion, you’ll need to have completed the “Valeska’s Watch” side quest to access both of the artifacts there. All of the artifacts require you to use the Search function to find them.


Blackwall’s next quest will only be made available if you are female and have been flirting with him enough for Blackwall to have rebuffed your advances when you first arrived at Skyhold.

After a while, speaking with Blackwall again will prompt the “Explanations” sidequest to unlock, as Blackwall wishes to explain why he refused to commit to a relationship with the Inquisitor. You need to visit the Storm Coast with Blackwall and travel to the Small Grove Camp. Once you’ve arrived, head south from the camp towards the cliff, where you should see skeletons and weapons on the ground.

Use your Search function here to uncover a badge that prompts another cutscene with Blackwall. Afterward, as long as your approval rating is high enough and you have flirted with Blackwall enough, when you return to Skyhold, you can speak to Blackwall to progress your relationship.


Blackwall’s final quest is available after the events at Adamant and Halamshiral, as long as your approval with Blackwall is high enough.

Speak with Blackwall at Skyhold and he will invite you for a drink at the Herald’s Rest Tavern. Afterward, when you visit the stables, you will find that Blackwall is missing and that he has left a document near the Griffon he had been carving. An Inquisition messenger will arrive to give you information, and the “Revelations” sidequest will begin.

Head to Val Royeaux to attend Mornay’s execution, and after all the cutscenes have unfolded, speak to Blackwall (Thom Rainier) in his cell to discover everything about his real backstory.

Afterward, you can speak to Cullen about your options. If you want to pursue the romance, tell Cullen to use the Inquisition’s leverage to release Blackwall, after which you need to initiate the “Thom Rainier’s Fate” war table operation and choose Josephine to complete it.

Go to the throne room in Skyhold and proceed with your judgment over Blackwall/Rainier. You will be given a few options regarding his fate, but choose “You’re free, if you atone.” to allow the romance to continue. After this, you will be given four more dialog options, choose either “Let’s start over” or “I couldn’t let you go.” to take your romantic relationship with Blackwall to the next level.

Not finishing the war table operation to save Rainier or choosing to leave him in prison will permanently remove Blackwall from your party and the Inquisition.

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