Dreamscape Announces Next Location In Columbus, Ohio

Dreamscape’s next location will be in Columbus Ohio and it will open at the end of the month.

Virtual Reality has a problem: reality. Sure, you can make whatever you want appear in the virtual space, but your body is still in the real world. That means while you’re trying to chase down that thief or you’re running and gunning through an alien-infested starbase, you still have to worry about running into your living room wall.

Current VR games tend to keep the player on rails in order to prevent this problem, but location-based virtual reality takes a different approach. Rather than keep the player in their house, they bring them to a specifically built location that changes the game for VR. Now, the virtual experience is catered to the physical space where the player will actually be located, taking away that worry about stubbing your toe–or worse.

Dreamscape is on the cutting edge of location-based virtual reality. We got to check out their Los Angeles-based location a few months back, and he was duly impressed.

“We’re absolutely blown away by the immersion and attention to detail put into the attraction,” Eric said in his review after trying out all three of Dreamscape’s carefully curated experiences. Although the attraction requires that everyone put on a VR headset, backpack, gloves, and even foot sensors, that cumbersome payload is offset by the most incredible VR experience to date.

After Los Angeles, Dreamscape opened its next US-based location in Dallas, Texas, and now they’re expanding to Columbus, Ohio with the help of AMC Theaters.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our next-generation immersive experiences to Easton Town Center later this month,” said Bruce Vaughn, CEO of Dreamscape. “We can’t wait to debut our three immersive adventures to the Columbus community and to Easton Town Center for the very first time.”

Located on the second floor of the AMC Theater at the Easton Town Center, Dreamscape’s Columbus location will have their three original experiences–The Blue: Deep Rescue, Curse of the Lost Pearl, and Alien Zoo–showing in three separate “adventure pods.” After entering the pod, you’ll put on your gear and then head out into Dreamscape’s unique worlds.

Pre-orders are available now, with Dreamscape Columbus opening on February 28th.

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