Dress Your PC Up Like Shepard To Celebrate Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

If you’re excited about the new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and were thinking of changing up your PC build, NZXT might have something for you. The brand behind custom PC cases based on Fallout, WoW, and PUBG have a new special edition case that’s ready to take on the Reapers.

The NZXT CRFT 07 is based on Commander Shepard’s N7 armor, and comes as a limited-run item of only 500 units. The design is nicely integrated into NZXT’s usual PC case aesthetic – the metal band typically used for cable management is now a red-and-white stripe. Fans will recognize and appreciate how the minimal color choices call to mind Shepard’s iconic look.

Also included is a small charm that can be attached to the glass panel of the case. This charm can be flipped to represent that Renegade or Paragon symbol. If you’re really into customization, you can use use the NZXT Cam software to customize the colored lights of your PC so that they match the charm.

The piece comes at a heft $199.99, but that’s what one expects from a limited-edition product based on one of gaming’s most iconic characters. You can find more info, and try to snag one for yourself, at NZXT’s site.

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