Dua Lipa’s Upcoming Tour Has A VIP Ticket That Lets You Battle Her In DDR

Talk about embracing the youth of today. For pop starlet Dua Lipa’s upcoming European tour, a VIP ticket package will actually give you a shot at challenging her in a game of Dance Dance Revolution. As part of her “Dua’s House Party” bundle, fans will not only get to participate in a meet and greet along with exclusive merchandise, but all ticket holders will “enter a competition for the chance of a live dance-off with Dua on Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution.”

There’s at least some relation here at not only does Dua’s music inspire people to dance, her 2017 single “New Rules” was featured in DDR A20. Maybe she was a big fan before or became enamored with the game after her song’s inclusion. It’s hard to tell, but she’s giving you the chance to prove you’re a better dancer than her.

Only three shows are sporting the House Party bundle and two of them are currently sold out. I can’t actually look up the prices since I’m in the US, but Eurogamer is reporting that the Amsterdam date is going for a whopping €310 (£277.12). That…honestly isn’t horrible, but I don’t think I’d spend $350 just to dance with a celebrity musician.

Cross promotions between video games and other brands aren’t uncommon, but you don’t regularly see celebrities flaunting their love of gaming. Still, an increasing number of younger and newer stars are embracing the things that make them unique, leading to situations like this. Dua Lipa likely doesn’t give a toss what you think of her, thus her challenge to throw down in DDR.

I can respect that, too. It’s always nice to see the more human side of celebrities. People forget that at one point, these stars were average people too. Just because Dua Lipa is now big doesn’t mean she’s somehow forgotten how to have fun.

It’s still a bit odd to see something like DDR end up on a concert website, but there’s bound to be fans dying for this opportunity. Maybe if the tour is successful enough, Dua Lipa will offer some American fans the chance to out dance her.

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