E3 2022 digital event is still happening this year claims insider

Despite rumours that E3 would be cancelled in terms of both its physical and digital events it seems the online showcase will still happen.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo in June used to be the most important date in the video game calendar, a time when dozens of big name new games would be announced for the first time, as publishers big and small – including Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo – competed for attention on the world stage.

Those days are long gone though. Even before the pandemic, E3’s importance was being eroded, primarily by Sony and Activision Blizzard refusing to attend, and, following an announcement in January, this year will be the third in a row with no physical event.

After the lacklustre attempt last year there were rumours that the digital showcase would also be cancelled but industry insider Tom Henderson claims that is not the case and that organisers at the ESA (not ESRB) sent out emails this week confirming it is still going ahead.

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