E3 Is (Probably) Cancelled, According To Devolver Digital

Although there is no official word yet, it appears as if 2020’s E3 is all but cancelled. Devolver Digital, a regular attendee at the expo, publicly informed others in the gaming community that they should cancel their flights and hotel reservations. So if it’s not going to be cancelled, it looks like this year’s E3 will at the very least be delayed.

Devolver Digital, known for games like My Friend Is Pedro, Serious Sam, and Hotline Miami, has held a press conference at E3 every year since 2017. Now, according to a recent tweet, it doesn’t look like the developer has any plans to attend the event, or at least not in June.

Obviously nothing has been confirmed by E3 just yet, but it’s unlikely an E3 developer would tweet something like this unless it had a pretty good idea the event was going to be cancelled. Either that, or the company has decided that attending E3 isn’t worth the risk in wake of the coronavirus outbreak, and it is assuming other developers are thinking the same. That being said, we’re pretty sure a cancellation or delay will be announced soon.

This serves as yet another blow to E3, an event that has been struggling to come close to the industry juggernaut that it was in years past. Following the expo’s embarrassing personal data breach in 2019, Sony’s decision to no longer attend, and the recent departure of its creative director, it seems as if nothing can go right for the event.

On the bright side, this could give E3 a year off to go back to the drawing board and figure out how it can do things right next year. The expo planned on 2020 being a sort of rebranding year, with more of a focus on on-site entertainment and gaming influencers, and people didn’t exactly have high hopes for it. With some extra time, maybe the E3 team can bring a new energy to things later this year or in 2021.

Unfortunately, E3 will likely be yet another event falling victim to the coronavirus. From delayed video games, to cancelled concerts, festivals, sporting events, and anything else that requires people to gather in public, the virus has become a worldwide phenomenon. Here’s hoping we can stop talking about it soon and go back to attending the events we enjoy.

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