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The Smithy is the classic blacksmith location in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Here is the place to go when you want upgrades to your weapons and armor. You’ll become a strong adventurer in no time.

Contrary to the Weapon Shop and the Armor Shop, this building won’t give you new abilities when improving your gear. However, its increase in your gear stats is more than enough to help you in your journey. Let’s go over how to unlock the Smithy and what improvements you can get with it.

How To Build The Smithy

The time to create this building will come in Main Quest 5: The Miner, the Merc, and the Smithy. While visiting the Quarry, you’ll come to a dead end: there’s an enormous boulder blocking one of the paths. A scene will play and CJ will try to break it, but she’ll only damage her weapons as a result.

You need to go to Outlander Lane and find Hogan, the lizard-like creature that was the first NPC you encountered in the game. He’ll be on Outlander Lane, in the Tavern. Once you tell him what happen, he’ll introduce you to Tatara, the blacksmith of the town.

When Tatara learns what happened to you, he’ll give you a Pickaxe Lv. 1. This is a tool that will let you mine rocks that you find through dungeons, which will become quite handy while looking for specific resources like Ores or Stones.

Resource weapons and tools are always equipped. You don’t need to go into a menu or anything.

Then, Tatara will tell you about his desire to open the Smithy. To achieve this, he’ll ask you to bring three Ores from the Quarry. These can be found in some specific locations in the dungeon, and they always respawn when you visit the area again.

Go to the entrance of the Quarry, and just by moving forward, you’ll find a couple of these black rocks on your way. Simply hit them as you’d hit an enemy and they will break. There’s a special spot with three rocks very close to each other on the lower floor of the place. This is where the huge boulder that chipped your axes is.

Once you have enough Ores, return where you met Tatara and give them to him. He’ll thank you and open the Smithy, letting you purchase upgrades for your weapons and pieces of armor.

While completing this quest, you’ll trigger a scene that will make Garoo, a mysterious character you met before, become part of your party. You can know more about this recruitment here.

The Smithy Items

The following table will show you the initial upgrades you can buy at the Smithy. They are generally cheap and improve your gear in significant ways.

Upgrade NameEffectResources Needed
Holster Axes +1Attack Power +12
  • 1 Ore
  • 200 baqua
Reveling Tanuki +1Attack Power +10
  • 1 Ore
  • 200 baqua
Hunter Suit +1
  • Physical Defense Power +10
  • Magic Defense Power +14
  • 2 Slimejelly
  • 200 baqua
Mercenary Armor +1
  • Physical Defense Power +12
  • Magic Defense Power +6
  • 1 Lumber
  • 200 baqua

When buying these, you’ll automatically unlock the “+2” version of these upgrades.

How To Level Up The Smithy

You can upgrade the Smithy (like basically every other building in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising), and you definitely should. This will open you to new possibilities to have better upgrades for your equipment.

However, you won’t find a Shop Quest related to Tatara in a direct fashion. In fact, you’ll upgrade his place unintentionally. This is because this upgrade is tied to the Armor Shop upgrade. During Main Quest 11, you’ll have a task from Frida. She’ll tell you that she had an argument with Tatara, and she wants to make up with him.

To do that, you only need to speak with the blacksmith and he’ll you that everything was fine, he accepts his mistake. Then, Tatara will give you a weapon, a knuckle duster, that you need to give to Frida. But before doing this last part, he’ll upgrade the Smithy.

To know more about Frida’s Shop Quest, please visit our specific guide for the Armor Shop.

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