Elden Ring: 9 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Has beating Elden Ring left a hole in your life? Beating the main storyline of Elden Ring will take hours, maybe even days, and even then it's likely that you won't have completed Elden Ring fully. After all, it's a huge game that has taken the world by storm, with almost an endless amount of aspects to explore and ways to be killed by challenging enemies.

But that's exactly why it's such a wonderful game! Even once you've finished the main storyline, George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware aren't finished with you yet. So why not try these if finishing the main part of Elden Ring has left a hole in your life.

9 Complete Dungeons

Ultimately, due to Elden Ring's open-world nature, it doesn't really matter how thoroughly you explore The Lands Between, because there's always the chance that you've missed something! Now, if you're a completionist then it's a good idea to head back the way you came and keep an eye out for any dungeons you may have missed before starting that second playthrough.

If you enjoyed the dungeons and want to try and complete all of them then you'll also find some interesting loot and armaments that could change the way you play the game! After all, the more you discover now, the more you'll know for the next time you try the game from the start.

8 Kill Optional Bosses

While they may be a real challenge sometimes, bosses are undeniably entertaining and satisfying to fight. They give you a real sense of achievement and will often prove to be that lengthy battle you've been looking for after walking or riding for a while.

So, in the same way, that you might have missed some dungeons, why not try and wipe out those optional bosses you worked so hard to avoid at the beginning of the game? After all, you're a little more powerful now. Head back to the starting area and demolish that Tree Sentinel.

7 Play Some Co-op

Now you have the main story out of the way, why not try playing with a few friends? After all, it brings a new lease of life to the game as well as allows you to beat some challenging bosses with a little help. With co-op, there are always bosses to tackle.

It's an opportunity to explore new character builds and focus on a different style of fighting! Ultimately, if you loved the storyline and loved the exploration and fighting then trying it all over again with a completely different character is probably the best idea. Especially if you've only just gotten used to the combat challenge.

3 Finish NPC Questlines

While you may have completed the main story, there are still so many side quests to do and some wonderful NPC's to meet! Some NPC's aren't ones you'll typically meet without going out of your way, and some of them have some incredibly memorable and intricate questlines to allow you to learn more about the wonderful characters.

Completing some NPC questlines brings a new fire into Elden Ring that is guaranteed to make you love the lore behind the game even more. There's also the opportunity to grab some fantastic loot too.

2 Explore

One of the best things about Elden Ring is the world you're thrust into at the beginning. It's dark, gritty, and beautiful, all at the same time. So why not take that in and really try to explore it! After all, it's incredibly easy to just head from point A to point B without really taking in the beautifully dark world that surrounds you.

Being an open-world game there will also be some locations you're yet to explore, so there's no harm in trying to seek them out before going in for a new playthrough! You never know, you might find some unique loot, a new boss, a new NPC, or even an entirely new questline you never even noticed.

1 Try Something (Sort Of) New

For many people, Elden Ring is the first FromSoftware game they've played and the majority seem to love it. They can feel confident, then, that they will enjoy the developer's older titles, such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

The series have a ton in common, from gameplay to mood, and if you're one of the lucky few who hasn't explored it – you have whole worlds ahead of you to explore.

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