Elden Ring Fan Recreates Game Trailer Using Bionicle

So Elden Ring was a big launch for FromSoftware. Like, seriously big. While the Japanese developer's games have steadily gained a following, its latest RPG really broke through to become an out-and-out mainstream success. From those whispers about a seriously tough (but fair) title called Demon's Souls all the way back in 2009, to the critical adulation that greeted Bloodborne, FromSoftware has come a long way. The devotion its games create has meant tributes via all sorts of media.

The latest medium, if we can call it that, to be used to pay tribute to Elden Ring is via Bionicle. Yes, the more technically-minded line of Lego construction toys. Because someone has recreated the entire 2019 E3 announcement trailer but instead of polygons we get Bionicle bricks.

If you remember, the E3 2019 trailer kicked off some major hype for the game. Fans were already excited as FromSoftware was transplating its famously well-crafted approach to level designs, combat, and bosses to an open world while interest had also been piqued by the fact fantasy author George R.R. Martin was collaborating on the project.

The maker of the Bionicle Elden Ring video said they spent a few months working on it, although this was alongside another project, and that they used Adobe After Effects to add fx to it. It's a well done homage. With Bionicle figures standing in for the likes of Malenia while Radahn is looking especially accurate as a Bionicle. It's a nearly beat-for-beat recreation with similar backgrounds and effects, the same epic music, except figures have been replaced with Lego, but the Bionicle figures must've taken some skill to put together so that they resemble their respective Elden Ring characters.

The maker appears to have a special fondness for Bionicle though, going by their Instagram, with a sizable collection and various designs. But the recreated trailer looks to be the peak of their makings so far, and it's been appreciated on Reddit, with many in awe at the work. "This is the best thing I have ever watched. Like these are 2 of my favourite things ever combined," said one commentor.

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