Elden Ring Fan Reimagines Ranni, Mohg, And More In Hades

Elden Ring and Hades are two games that have very different art styles. One is designed to inspire dread and awe in the player, and the other is colorful, vibrant, and… well, pretty horny. Although Hades could do with embracing a few different body types other than muscly Greek gods, you can't deny the mass appeal of the gods as they're depicted in Supergiant's masterpiece.

But what if Elden Ring shared Hades’ flair for colorful characters? Then you might get something like the art of GuZ_Art on Reddit, who was inspired to create these Elden Ring/Hades crossover images after seeing Elden Ring win game of the year at The Game Awards soon after Hades 2 was announced.

Starting with Ranni the Witch, GuZ_Art seemed to eschew Hades' horny body types in favor of something more accurate to Ranni, who inhabits a doll throughout the player's time in The Lands Between. Ranni asks forgiveness for her intrusion in Hades much as she does in Elden Ring, and wonders when the Tarnished will tire of their obeisance to the Two Fingers.

GuZ asked Redditors what Elden Ring character to do next, and of course, Reddit landed on turtle pope Miriel, the Pastor of Vows. Although Miriel is still a giant turtle, I can't help but gaze into those bedroom eyes when he's depicted in the style of Hades. I'll share your faith any time, dog.

Next up was Mohg, who seems even more demonic in the style of Hades than in Elden Ring. And after that came Malenia, The Hand of Miquela, who has never known defeat. Note the background for this one was Elysium Stadium, which seems appropriate for a fighter of Malenia's caliber.

Despite Blaidd being the perfect opportunity to lean hard into Hades' tendency to show washboard abs even when they should be covered in armor, GuZ instead shows a relatively tame version of The Half-Wolf on Elysium's doorstep.

I certainly hope GuZ continues the series and maybe portrays D, Hunter of the Dead next. That armor already looks like it belonged to a Greek god, so it probably wouldn’t even be too much of a stretch.

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