Elden Ring Four-Player Co-Op Mod Enters Beta Testing This Week

Elden Ring burst into the video game world earlier this year and quickly become a bigger hit than anyone could have imagined. FromSoftware's latest offering is its most popular game to date, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. Modders have been doing weird and wonderful things with the PC version of the game, and later this week, beta testing for a mod that will allow you to traverse The Lands Between with three other players will begin.

Co-op in Elden Ring is nothing new. Joining up with three other people at the same time, seemingly whenever you like, on the other hand, very much will be. The mod comes from LukeYui and as you can see in the video below, which shows the Seamless Co-op mod in action, it can be used from the game's first main site of grace.

Elden Ring's co-op is a great feature, but it's also somewhat limited. It's only really there to aid players who need help taking down bosses. You are also returned home should the person who summoned you to help dies. That won't happen in LukeYui's mod. Not only can you progress through the whole game together, but if the host falls, the fight will continue and that host will enter spectator mode.

Progression will be shared across all four players, so you succeed and fail together. PvP mode can also be enabled if you fancy pitting yourselves against one another from time to time on your epic journey together. The beta test for Seamless Co-op begins this Friday, May 27. The duration of the test has not been clarified, but the mod will be available through Nexus Mods if you want to try it out. Any issues will hopefully be raised during that test so they can be ironed out prior to a full launch.

As touched upon above, Elden Ring's mods are already plentiful and range from incredibly helpful to downright hilarious. A pair of Star Wars-themed mods allow you to become Darth Vader and equip him with his iconic red lightsaber, and another grants you the power to summon Let Me Solo Her whenever you're in a jam. Not the real pot-wearing player who has been summoned to aid 1000 players take down Malenia, but a spririt inspired by the unlikely hero.

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