Elden Ring: Gael Tunnel Dungeon Guide

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Gael Tunnel is actually one of the shorter dungeons in Elden Ring. Though it is very short, players can find themselves stuck and unsure of how to escape if they reach the end and can't defeat the boss. Luckily, we have this guide for you to know where to find all the loot in this cave and how to escape.

To find Gael Tunnel, all you have to do is start from Rotview Balcony Site of Grace. Safely get down, and hug the right wall as you continue to make your way down the hills and cliffs. There will be a hidden path swinging right with two Nobles on guard. Past these Nobles will be the entrance to Gael Tunnel. Directly inside are two more of them, so watch out

Gael Tunnel Overview

Gael Tunnel Overview
BossesMagma Wyrm
EnemiesNoble guards, Crystal Miners, Octopus
Notable LootCross-Naginata, Moonveil, Grace Mimic

Dungeon Walkthrough

You will have to safely drop down onto each stone ledge and reach the bottom of this bit, where the Gael Tunnel Site of Grace will be. The second ledge you drop onto will have an opening to a Somber Smithing Stone (2), Because the Grace is in a pit, there's seemingly no way to escape but to keep respawning here. We'll show you how to escape at the end.

There will be a Noble with its back turned to you, giving you an easy opportunity to sneak and perform a backstab.

Down the steps, there will be a noble crouched to your right with a miner across from him. They seem to be staring at a small octopus blob. Past these guys, a tunnel will lead to a large cave full of these small octopi and some loot.

Once you step inside, a large mini-boss version of this enemy will appear. The Cross-Naginata weapon is on a corpse as well as multiple Smithing Stone (4) and a Somber Smithing Stone (4) inside the cave.

Heading back, there are multiple crystal miners under the stairs. There's no path here, but you can collect some Smithing Stone (4) and a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot if you please. Continue past the noble and miner across the stairs.

Next, you'll bump into yet another unsuspecting noble. Just below you will see a crystal miner. He won't attack you because he's too busy mining. There is a noble sitting behind the ladder who will try to surprise you, though. Grace Mimic x5 and some Large Glintstone Scrap can be found on corpses here.

Through the tunnel, you'll find the boss doors. Whether you're able to beat this boss or not, to exit the dungeon you just have to continue past the fog wall. There's another wooden doorway with a second Gael Tunnel Site of Grace inside. Just past the Grace is an exit into Limgrave.

Magma Wyrm Boss Fight

  • Dodge into its tail
  • Use Spirit Ashes for distraction
  • Melee

If you're under-leveled for Caelid, it's best to turn back now. Magma Wyrm's are tough because they charge into you and are massive in size. They spew magma onto the ground, and barely give you a chance to catch your breath. Now picture this inside a small room.

You're trapped in a small room with this huge Magma Wyrm. Mages will have a very tough time unless they have a leveled-up Intelligence melee weapon and a lot of Vigor. Soloing this boss as a mage will seem impossible due to the Magma Wyrm constantly charging forward. While dodging into the back of its body will ensure you're safety, it doesn't give you enough distance for casting most spells.

As a mage, try summoning a Spirit Ashes to make the Magma Wyrm to charge away from you – then you can inflict most of your damage. If you rather be the one to kill the boss alone, use multiple weak Spirit Ashes. They will barely deal any damage, but because there's multiple they will retain enough distraction for you to do your thing. Otherwise, try using your Intelligence weapons.

As a melee user, leveling up your Vigor has never been more important. If you're a beefy tank, it shouldn't be too difficult to survive the charges. Especially with a strong shield, high poise, and having graduated from dodge-rolling classes. If you're not a tank, still remember to dodge near its midsection and tail to avoid the spewing lava and charges.

Upon defeat, the Magma Wyrm inside Gael Tunnel drops the weapon Moonveil and a Dragon Heart.

We have a guide on how to defeat the Magma Wyrm Makar at the end of Ruin-Strewn Precipice. This boss has the same model and idea behind it, except in a confined area. Check out the guide to learn the Magma Wyrm's attacks and fighting strategies in detail.

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